Be Friendly.

Good Mixed Media Monday!

Today I am sharing another journal entry with you. It is an emotional piece and I have not really done one like this since October of last year.

On that note, it isn’t really an “angry” piece as much as it is a “searching for a acceptance of what is” piece. This entry started off with a whole lot of confusion and uncertainty and helped me get to a place where I could deal with the issues.

It “speaks” of anger and uncertainty with the red paint, then of a lack of communication with this looming black brick wall. I felt that the “writing on the wall” was also fitting for this “conversation”. It reads “we don’t have to be friends to be friendly” over and over again.

I then created the 2 faces of people who are both very colorful and also very different. There are parts of them that are similar but they don’t really share anything at all. Each person is a patchwork of parts, like humans often are, pieced together by our life experiences. Similar parts but assembled and experienced differently.

On the flag pole is a flag holding the definition of friend and friendship from an old dictionary. It reads: to love, one who is attached to another by affection; one who has esteem and regard for another and his society; one not hostile; one of the same nation, paternity or kin; one who looks with favor upon…and on and on it goes, into the definition of friendlike, friendliness, friendly, friendly fire and friendship.

015MMMFriendly (1)


I really like this page as a finished piece and know it will speak to me for a long time.

Thank-you for stopping by, you can see the process video on my YouTube channel with this link:

Lizzie’s Workshop MMM – Friendly

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