Creative Arts Collaboration #pawgustart #artjournal

Hello, hello all you crafty and creative people! Thank-you for stopping in!

This month I am taking the opportunity to join a cause! This cause is dear to my heart and speaks loudly to my future in the arts. What is the Creative Arts Collaboration? It is a group of YouTube content providers who were all gathered together by Cinnamon Cooney into a Facebook group. She has provided us with a place to share information and lessons learned and to band together once a month to create similarly themed content and to all use the same # so that the work is able to be found. So far, Cinnamon has gathered together around 300 YouTube contributing artists! I find this amazing, I find this exciting, and I hope you will too!

This month is August and the theme for our August art collaboration is “animals” therefore the # will be #pawgustart. There are also 11 other sub categories that you could # at the same time so that your search would only bring up that genre of art videos. This month I have chosen #artjournal to add to mine. I may add a different one next month, depending on what kind of art I choose to create!

So grab a beverage of choice, sit back, relax, and get out there to see what this creative YouTube venture can offer you!