What’s On Your Wokrdesk? Wednesday 327 WOYWW

Well hello there my crafty friends!

This morning I am jumping back into the blogging life with a quick little post that I have really missed over the past year! I have been running steady with my children for the past few months and baby sitting other peoples children for almost 3 years. But THIS September means something super special…NO children from 8:30am until 3:30pm!!! I feel on cloud nine! MAYBE, just maybe, I will be able to catch up on a few things around the house and in my creative life.

What’s on my work-desk this week? EVERYTHING!September 2015 011

I was recently invited to teach my crafty skills at a local crafting store and have been “slaving” away trying to create the curriculum. I have been making projects in my workshop and then spending all day once a week in the store classroom, trying to recreate with their in house supplies. One thing I have discovered is that my “juju” seems to turn to dust when I am not surrounded by my supplies, organized in my way. Guess I better work on that, but in the mean time, here is my work-desk!

It has mostly been a dumping station for a long time and I am hoping to address it…after I blog…and YouTube…and make stuff…and get distracted by shiny things! lol

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16 thoughts on “What’s On Your Wokrdesk? Wednesday 327 WOYWW”

  1. I hear you. I am in distracted mode this morning. Still trying to get things sorted, but want to play. Per R 36

    1. I am like that too…start sorting and find something that just calls my name until I answer it! I think the key to craftroom organization is “slow and steady”. lol For me, the mass exodus idea is quite an emotional concept.

  2. Hi Lizzie, it’s been a long time since I visited, though I kept up-to-date on Facebook. Congrats on your teaching appointment. So exciting! It’s great that you get to play with their craft supplies, even if you find it intimidating at first. Your craft room looks like Eldorado to me! Happy WOYWW zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #28

    1. Eldorado in deed! I think that is why I am so inspired in this space. I walk through the door and ideas start flowing. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that things are everywhere and I am a visual learner so seeing everything out makes the wheels turn. While in the store classroom everything is neat and closed away in cupboards. One day I will know exactly what is in the cupboards and the juju will flow there too…I hope! lol

  3. enjoy you time teaching- I always learn as much as I teach. Children are our most creative project!
    thanks for visiting
    Robyn 1

    1. I love my children and totally agree with you that they are the most valuable project we will ever create!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Your workspace looks fab – and extremely well stocked! Good luck with your teaching in the store – I know I’d struggle creatively without all my ‘stuff’ around me in my own ordered way. Hope you have a great week and soon get your desk back to full working order!
    Diana #23

  5. Hi – hope all goes well with your classes- I too work better in my own space surrounded by my stuff 🙂 Good to have some time for yourself. Anne x #7

  6. You will find your mojo, it just needs to feel comfortable in the classroom. When it does you will flourish! “free”. Remember to save time for yourself. Don’t fill up your time too quickly so you wake up and notice you have no time for just you! Diane #21

    1. That is fabulous advice Diane! I have been wondering where to put time for myself, my husband and my children and have decided that they will fill my weekends. Thanks for stopping by! -Lizzie

  7. Wow…you’ll fill those hours so quickly you’ll wonder how you managed to do it all when the children were around, let alone without them at home! I hope you really enjoy the time! And good luck with the classes, they can be tricky when you have to use the e shop supplies. You’ll ease into it, I have no doubt!

    1. I think you are right Julia. But I am also feeling a sense of freedom to create now that wasn’t evident before. It may just change my art!
      Thank you for stopping by!

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