I’ve Been Framed! #KSDT2015

Hello my creative and colorful friends!

Today we are going to Spark Some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak!

This is my last post as a member of the Kraaft Shaak Design Team and what an honor it has been! Over the past 3 months we have altered an item, created something for back to school and now I am going to show you how I “kill the kit”.

Normally I have a video to link to my post at the bottom, but today it just didn’t work out. I was working on such a large project that it took up my whole work bench and the filming was just not going to work. I tried to zoom in to the corner I was working on, but then would constantly go off screen. So I did something I rarely do and took a big pile of pictures!

September 2015 007

My first step was to sort through all my supplies that were left in my kit and make a pile of the ones that just might work for this project.





September 2015 003Then I dug through my closet to find a frame I had picked out about 4 years ago for something else. It was a large, black frame from Ikea that measured about 30 inches by 30 inches.





September 2015 004


I took it out to my garage work bench and sanded it to make the black just a little less shiny.




September 2015 005Then cut chicken wire off of the roll I had out there and slowly, tediously and with a little blood (a Kraafter was only minorly injured in the creation of this project) I folded it over the top, around the sides.





September 2015 006I stapled it to the back with my heavy duty staple gun and Wa-la! I had a frame that I could hang little things from!





September 2015 009Once that was done I brought it back inside and painted it with my plum chalkboard paint from Prima.





September 2015 010

My next step was to take a bunch of the book pages I had left in my mixed media kit and create a bit of structure on the chicken wire, almost like paper mache, to support all the stuff I wanted to add to my project.




September 2015 014 September 2015 015I let that dry over night and spent the morning shopping my stash for the perfect combination of beautiful to embellish my frame. I found all kinds of flowers and metal bits and pieces, as well as a large amount of what was left of my mixed media kit. I used the cheese cloth, gold mica flakes, sequins, pearl glass glitter and butter colored glass beads and my sample of golden olive chalkboard paint as well as the scrap butterflies from the napkin that came in my kit.

September 2015 011 September 2015 012 September 2015 013 September 2015 016 September 2015 018 September 2015 019 September 2015 022 September 2015 021 September 2015 020 September 2015 017I spent about an hour compiling everything on the frame, adding bits and pieces here and there to build up a big mass of 3D elements. I glued it all down with Finnabairs 3D matte gel. and let it sit, untouched, over night.





















The next morning I went in and swept some of the plum chalkboard paint over the flowers to bring a background element to the foreground and make it all come together.

September 2015 007 (2) September 2015 004 (2) September 2015 003 (2) September 2015 002 September 2015 001

Now, here is the step where I am sorry to say, I missed taking this picture. I was so full of excitement as I added all the shiny, sparkly, glimmery elements that I forgot to take pictures of where I put all the sparkle. So I will just tell you. I used the 3D matte gel randomly around the edges of the big pink flowers and sprinkled on some pearl colored glass glitter. Then I laid down little patches of gel in and around the flowers and added a little bit of mica flakes here and a little bit of glass beads there. A few sequins peaking out here and there and used up my charcoal art sugar in a bit of dusting along the frame.





September 2015 009 (2)











The last step to this project was to use up the rest of my kit on creating ATC’s (artist trading cards) to hang on the frame. Here are a few that are on their way to completion.

September 12 2015 002 Sept 12 2015 003 Sept 12 2015 001September 12 2015 001







I do have some left overs in my kit, but they are all soon going to be used for my series of ATCs that I will put up on the board over time to keep it interesting.





This is what I have left.Sept 12 2015 004






I am starting an ATC (artist trading card) class and trading board in my local scrapbooking store. This frame will go up on their wall. The whole purpose of the ATC movement is to SHARE a love of art for free. To build a community of creative people who do not judge and critique each others work, but who share and inspire each other every day!

To me, Heather Kraafter is all of that. She has built up a fabulous and caring Kraafters Kommunity of people on G+ who not only share their projects, but also their lives. She has built a family of people who may not have ever formally met, but who value each other for what they can bring to the Kommunity. In that kommunity we do not judge each other, but we definitely share and inspire each other every day. It is in honor of Heather that I hang this in my local craft store with the hope that her essence will continue to inspire the world to come together and find “family” through our creativity.

Thank-you Heather for the honor of sharing a place on your design team for the past 3 months. Thank-you for inspiring me and being a fabulous roll model for many Kraafters, the world over!




11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Framed! #KSDT2015”

  1. What a great way to kill the kit Beth 🙂 I used to have a frame covered in chicken wire I used as a card display..but your’s is so much more creative and beautiful. I hope your ATC trading project goes well.

    1. Thanks Shel!
      I hope it goes well too. I am hoping that it will grow and have all kinds of people stop in just to trade and peek around the store it will be posted in.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful work Beth.. I’ve done quite similar project, yet quite A bit smaller, for my hair accessories and costume jewelry. My frame is A lot smaller and made of hay poles cut on half. And I didn’t embellish the frame. Could post A pic on Kommunity if you want to see it. Hugs from Finland.

    1. I would love that Aino-Mari!
      One thing I have learned on this journey is that it is never too late to embellish! lol

  3. Girl – I do not know where to begin! This project had me glued to the edge of my seat as I read it. My mind was racing with the possibility of doing this myself!!! All I need is the chicken wire since I have about a zillion frames.
    The paper pieces glued to the frame – GENIUS! I never would have thought of that, just wow.

    But then I get all the way to the end and seriously just started crying. You, and all of the Design Team and the Kommunity mean so much to me and to hear your kind and loving words – well , golly now i am just rambling…just THANK YOU is all I can say. To have that hang in the store knowing it represents what we have all built just makes my heart so full and happy.
    You are such a blessing to so many – keep it up girl and keep on inspiring!!! This is what dreams are made of.

    1. Thank-you Heather.
      I was genuinely disappointed that I could not get a video of this project and sad I just had a blog about it, but then it all worked out.
      You and your kommunity caught me when I was at a loss for who I was creatively, when I was discouraged and about willing to give up because I didn’t fit anywhere. Thank-you for kreating a place where I fit!

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