Fall For Canada #LoveFallArt

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Today I am bring you something that is pretty cool!

In July Cinnamon Cooney and some of her creative friends came up with the idea of creating a more cohesive and supportive bond between the creators of creative YouTube content. They brainstormed this beautiful project called the “Creative Arts Collaboration”.

CAC Logo 2015On YouTube 300+ artists come together to post thematic projects under the same hashtag. In July it was #LoveSummerArt, in August it was #pawgustart, and in September we are posting under #LoveFallArt. For each of these hashtags (#) you can find extensive playlists of all the videos published under it. On Facebook she created a group were we could go to ask questions, to mentor each other and  be supportive of each others creativity. On Pinterest she created a board where we can all post our videos so that they can be found in one place!

Make sure that once you finish reading this that you check out those hashtags!

So, now, lets talk about this months theme of “autumn”.

I had the opportunity to create absolutely anything I wanted as long as it fit, in some way, under the #lovefallart banner. I had a month to come up with something but nothing ever flowed into place. So here I was on the first posting day, seeing all these fabulous artist posting up their fabulous art and I had NOTHING to offer. I felt retched. So I took myself for a walk around the park across the street from my house.

One of the first things I noticed was the amount of color that was everywhere! Bright yellows and ochres, browns, blues, greens, deep purples, and reds. All kinds of lush textures, spiky spruce trees, long spines on the pine trees, big fat cones, fuzzy white leaves, smooth dark purple ones. There were sticky things and fragrant things. Shiny leaves and dull. Looking around me I realized that I had plenty of inspiration all around me, I just had to come out of the basement!

As I walked I put things that made me happy into my jacket pockets and then, once I was home, took them all out see what had inspired me today. I had red cotone aster leaves and yellow leaves from an ash tree. I had the tops of long blades of grass and the blueish tip of Colorado blue spruce tree. I had the green and purple varigated leaves of the lilac tree in my front yard and the dark purplish black leaves from a Schubert chokecherry tree. And just to top things off I added in a fragrant deep purple pansy!

LoveFallArtInsp (8) LoveFallArtInsp (6)







LoveFallArtInsp (5) LoveFallArtInsp (4)







LoveFallArtInsp (10)



This plethera of color pushed me to run with it, and I did! I used book pages, lace a burlap to create the base structure of what I was envisioning. I then covered it all with gesso, and covered it again with layers of paint.





LoveFallArt (4) LoveFallArt (2)








I added depth by stamping in black ink with several stamps and then added multi colored leaves for a 3D piece. Now, I know that I am biased, but I think that it is beautiful, rich in color and so tempting to touch.

As this project was coming to completion I decided to go hunting through my Pinterest board of quotes to see which one would work best on this piece. This is when I came across George Eliot. I had never known before that she was a woman, and I knew that I would be interested in reading her books. So I went searching through my husbands book collection as I was certain that he had studied her book titled “Middlemarch” while in university. It wasn’t there, so I asked him about it only to discover that he had recently completed a library purge and no longer had the one I was looking for. I guess I will have to go to the public library or else find it for my kobo so that I can read it anywhere!


LoveFallArt (5)









Here is the finished piece:


LoveFallArt (1)












Come watch the video of how I created this piece by clicking here:

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2 thoughts on “Fall For Canada #LoveFallArt”

  1. Fabulous Fall project Beth! Great initiative on YT to pull resources together like that! Looks like Canada way ahead of the UK in terms of autumnal colour. The colours have hardly started turning here yet. I’ve got my camera ready for when they do!

    1. Thanks for visiting Zsuzsa!
      Yes we are getting quite cool here already. We often have snow by the end of the month, lets cross our fingers that it doesn’t come until after Halloween as it makes for cold and wet trick or treating! lol

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