Paper Taming – WOYWW 329

Well hello there my creative friends and thank-you for joining me for another of Julia Dunnits “What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday” linky parties over at Stamping Ground. This week has been so busy that I almost forgot it Wednesday!

My work desk looks quite a bit different from last week! I decided on Saturday that this was to be THE week that I gained control of the mega stack of things that had been accumulating for the past year on the end of my workbench. The pile was beginning to encroach on my work surface, it was beginning to worry me that it would topple into the sink AND it is fall here in western Canada and I was dreaming about my pile housing a cozy little mouse family and me never finding out!

So I took the “bull by the horns” and attacked the pile. I sorted and organized all day on Saturday, not even getting out of my pjs and then I put everything away on Sunday.

Sunday evening we had dinner at my in-laws house and on our way home we were in a car accident. A man in a large pick-up truck ignored a yield sign and drove right into the side of our SUV! Luckily my husband and 2 children were either asleep or almost asleep and were unharmed due to their relaxed states. I, on the other hand, was shoulder checking to see if I could safely change lanes, the answer was no and I didn’t manage to turn my head back in time before the collision occurred. So I am stiff and sore and hoping I don’t have any long term injuries. That lead me to spending all day Monday at the police station making a report, calling insurance and visiting a body shop for quotes on getting it fixed. I am feeling very thankful that we were in my SUV and not my husbands small car.

Tuesday, I started a rather large project. While cleaning my workshop I noticed that I had several piles of paper scraps and several drawers and baskets of paper scraps and that I should probably find a way to make those piles of papers more useful!

So I grabbed the first pile and chopped it into pre-cut cards, ATCs, 4 inch squares and 8 inch squares. everything else was put into a pile to use for die cutting, a drawer to use for punches and a basket to use for fussy cutting.┬áThis may seem like a strange organization system. I have discovered though, that when I create, my brain does not choose by color, but more by shape, size, texture. I also have some projects coming that will focus on cards, ATCs and 8×8 albums. So in a way, this has felt like I was getting a leg up on future projects!

WOYWW 329 002














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8 thoughts on “Paper Taming – WOYWW 329”

  1. Hi Lizzie, wow, what a week you’ve had!! It’s a great feelign to get all those paper scraps under control – I did a similar thing and it really helps to get them used up and stopped me buying more stuff I didn’t need! Hope your aches and pains from the accidient get better soon and your week gets better! :o) Annie C #43

    1. Thank-you for visiting Annie!
      Stop buying more stuff huh? Sounds like a fairy tail! lol It is only this year, in which I have been teaching from home, that I have come to realize how excessive my craft room is. In theory I should never have to buy a single thing again!

  2. I hope you recover quickly from your accident. Love your organisation for your ink pads. Hope you are happy with all your scraps cut to size. Linda #32

  3. Firstly, Lizzie, thank goodness that you and your family are relatively unharmed…what a thing to happen. I hope that you don’t have any problems with insurances etc. As you say, it’s lucky you were in the SUV. Hope that you are not too stiff and sore…..
    How interesting to learn about your sorting method because for me it’s ALL about the colour! I’ve got a very good colour memory and can colour match a fabric in a shop to something I’ve already got at home. Just as well we’re all different eh?
    Hope this week is a better one for you,
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xxx

    1. Hi LLJ, I am really good at color matching as well, but I have learned over the past year of my mixed media journey that the color doesn’t matter to me all that much because I always have the option of changing it. When it comes to fabric it might be a little harder but with paper products I am virtually free!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oh goodness, I do hope you are making a good recovery after your accident and how lucky that the rest of the family were unhurt. I am intrigued by your way of organising things – I’m all about colour and it wouldn’t occur to me to categorise on shape/size etc! Thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier, I hope you have a good week and mend quickly.
    Diana #22

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