The Garden View! #KSDT2015

Spark Some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak

Welcome to the garden view!

As soon as I opened up my brand new Mixed Media Kit from the Store I knew that I would love creating with it! I dug through to the bottom to discover that my altered item was in fact a beautiful wooden double “door” frame for a 4×6 picture.

I was instantly reminded of a picture of myself from many years ago. I was visiting ghost towns with a cousin while travelling through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We stopped and adventured through one that had only a single wall remaining of a small dwelling. In this wall the bricks were stacked and mortared with this little wooden window casing that opened up to the outside. My cousin and I took turns taking pictures of each other through that window because it was just such a perfectly framed image.

I took that inspiration and ran with it, recreating that brick wall, adding some life to it with creeping vines, flowers and metallic objects.



July 21 2015 006July 21 2015 008July 21 2015 007

This was one of those projects that evolves slowly, over the course of several days. I would add a little bit to it and then set it aside for another day, I would repeat that process until one night I decided to make it FINISHED!

As you can see I just added more and more elements until it just couldn’t take any more!

I wanted to write this big elaborate blog about how much I enjoyed working on this project, but decided instead that the video is significantly more entertaining!

So please stop in a watch my process video for this project here: YouTube Video

Here is a list of products that I used for this project!

I went to my mixed media kit for the following: Wooden double door frame, dictionary pages, Prima Chalkboard paints in golden olive,  cheese cloth, Lindy’s stamp gang shimmery magicals, Finnabair art ingredients glass beads in butter color, metallic findings, Charcoal art sugar by finnabair

I shopped at the Kraaft Shaak for the following: Finnabair Art Extravagance white sand texture paste, Color Bloom Spray in deep teal with vintage metallic finish, 3D gloss gel by Finnabair,

And I pulled this stuff from my stash: Golden Matte Medium, Vintage Stampin’ Up Stains – Mahogany and charcoal, Brick stencil by Crafter’s Workshop, mini mister sprayers by Ranger, Martha Stuart glue pen, grass by Citadel, a maple leaf punch, mini flower punch, wedding confetti green flowers by Brides, Ranger liquid pearls, Primas botanical mix, chipboard and glossy accents by ranger, Prima chalkboard paint in jewel blue.

Please also check out the G+ community called Kraafters Kommunity!

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Kraaft Shaak Design Team Project for July 18th #KSDT2015

Welcome to my creative blog!

If you have been following me, over the past couple weeks, you will have noticed that I have been talking about nothing but the Kraaft Shaak Design Team and all the things that they are creating on a weekly basis!

This past week we had our good friend Sheri from “Cards and More by Sheri” create a triptych! She added layer upon layer of product to create a very dimensional and colorful 3 paneled piece of art!

If you would like to read all about it then you can pop over there using this link: Cards and More by Sheri

She has even linked a video in at the bottom of her post so that you can get inspired watching her create!

Don’t forget to pop in next week to see what I create for the  Kraaft Shaak Design Team with my Mixed Media Kit

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Round 2, Kraaft Shaak Design Team! #KSDT2015

Hello again my creative friends!

Once again I am bringing you something special!

An introduction to the Kraaft Shaak Design Team!

It all started THIS year! In the beginning of 2015, Heather, over at the Kraaft Shaak issued a “Design Team Kall”. I submitted this Design Team Submission and was informed shortly after that, that I had won a position on the second round of the design team. So then all through April, May and June we have been seeing all the wonderful Design Team One Projects

As we head into July though we are bouncing around with excitement about Design Team Two

I am part of this design team and am really excited to be off and running with altered projects from my kit…oh, you haven’t heard of the kit yet? Check out THIS blog for more info! Mixed Media Kit Intro

How does the design team work? Well, I am glad you asked!

So every week on Wednesday our team leader will put forth a little “Spark of Creativity” which is essentially a teaser of what is to come! It will look something like this:  Teaser

And then on the following Saturday, you will get to see the whole project on the creators blog, It will have a title like this: “Spark some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak”. And look a little something like this:  Have Art, Will Travel! your other option is to search on your computer for #KSDT2015

Hope you join us for all our exciting projects from July through September. They will surely inspire you to create something each and every day!




Kraaft Shaak “Mixed Media Kits” #KSDT2015

Welcome! Fabulous creative people!

Today I am going to tell you all about the creative inspiration kit that Heather Kraafter came up with over at

Here we were a fine group of creatives who all had ideas and stashes of things. So did Heather. So she began to gather more and more stashes of things so that she could bring us this fabulous thing called a “Mixed Media Kit”!

It is a box that you order online from here:

And then it comes straight to your door! Not only do I use this kit for my mixed media projects, but it also keeps finding its way into my scrapbooks, tags, atc’s (artist trading cards), card-making and art journals.

But don’t take my word for it, check out my video to see all the supplies that came in MY kit.

I will be featuring this kit over the next 3 months in many of my projects, so keep checking back or subscribe below to the categories that interest you!



The Next Journey! #KSDT2015

Welcome back to Lizzie’s Workshop!

I know I have been away for a while but that is only because I was working on becoming more awesome than ever before! I have a slew of posts going up over the next little while and also a whole computer full of videos to edit, so keep those fabulous eyes of your peeled for all the excitement!

To start off this fabulous journey I am going to introduce you to something called a “Mixed Media Kit”.

Then I am going to introduce you to the fabulous design team that I am NOW a part of!

I will tell you all about our spectacular creativity each week.

THEN I will introduce you to “Mini Me”

Here comes the fun! So come back often, OR subscribe below to everything I post!





The Collector in Me Named “D”

Today was a hard day for me. It started off wonderfully, with snuggles from my children and happy faces and breakfast in bed. But on the way to school my son earned himself a minor injury and the day was set off balance. I forgot some important things, I was clumsy and dropped things on store floors and in parking lots. Then I fell going up a hard commercial staircase. I found it difficult to reason with my son over anything. I was unmotivated, I was glum and I just needed a hug, an extra large coffee and full bottle of wine, even though I am not normally a heavy drinker!

In the evening I tucked my children into bed and heard all about their days, was told that I was loved and my 7 year old informed me that tomorrow would be a better day. My husband left to fulfill commitments outside of the house and I was left in a calm and quiet home…suddenly melancholic.

So what do I do when I feel this way? I grab a glass of wine and go down to my crawl space and sort things!

Tonights box had all kinds of things in it. Paper, card stock, buttons and beads. Crafting objects like doll eyelashes and googly eyes. Pearls, felt and found objects.

I carried the pile of found objects to my craft room, grabbed the jar that I have been collecting them in and added them to my “stash”. Then I held that jar in my hands, slowly turning it to look at all the “treasure” there in.

May 13 2015 001 May 13 2015 002 May 13 2015 003 May 13 2015 004










Truly, to look at it, it is a jar of “nothing”, or “trinkets”, or “garbage”. It is meaningless to most everybody, it is a waste of space. It is a jar of “why?”.

Why keep these things?

Why hold onto meaningless pieces of nothing?

Why fill a jar with them?

To tell the truth, I don’t know why I kept THESE items, why I chose THIS jar, WHY it pulls me back to it on an emotional day.

But here is a theory…

This is a jar of nothings that represent the life of a person who I strongly identify with. I am not going to assume that any of the items in this jar meant anything important to the person who originally collected them, but I AM going to say that she collected them with intent.  I believe that she saw all the possible, and beautiful beginnings that a simple found object could begin. That she had the ability to look at an object and see a use for it that goes above and beyond its intended use.  I strongly believe that she is where I got my mixed media brain from.

As I turn the jar slowly in my hands, the objects within shift to reveal new found objects. I see a whole lot of steam punk and metallic objects. I see mixed media dimension and gelli plate printing textures. I see treasures of days gone by. I see inspirations for many creative tomorrows.

But best of all, is what I see and feel TODAY. I feel love and comfort in knowing that had I had more time with this collector, I would have found a kindred spirit. A person who would have known me and recognized me as a replication of herself. I would have had an instant and strong connection with a person who could sit beside me and and see all the new beginnings that one simple treasure could begin.

Oh how I wish I had held her hand more often, sat and listened to her voice, heard her ideas and learned from her experiences. Made more phone calls. But those days are gone now, the opportunities have fled. All I am left with is a collection of nothing that inspires me everyday to create SOMETHING!


Spark Some Creativity #1

Hello my crafty friends!

This week was the first week of launching the Design Team for the Kraaft Shaak. Not only does Heather Kraafter have a web page with lots of awesome things going on, she has also provided us with an amazingly warm and comfortable G+ community for sharing our arts and crafts, our stories and our friendship.

If you are crafty or creative at all, it is definitely worth it for you to check it all out. I will even provide you with some links!

Here is where the design team will post each week, the segment is called “Spark Some Creativity” and will have a design team member posting to it each Saturday!

Here is more info about the current and up coming design team.

Here is a link to the first ever posted design team project.

And last but not least, a link to Kraafters Kommunity!

As always, thank-you for stopping by!



Mixed Media Monday – Love

Good Monday my creative universe!

I am starting this week off strong with having all my videos and blog posts pre-aligned! This may be something that many of you do on a regular basis.  But for me this is a FIRST! Quick, take a picture…or not, as I am still in my pajamas!

Today’s blog is all about the first page in my new Strathmore mixed media artist journal. How many journals do I currently have going, you ask…no don’t do that, then I will have to go count! lol

I created a Fast Frames Friday that was all about the resist type of effect you get when you put Finnabairs 3D matte gel over top of the old formula of Color Bloom Spray. Some people may think to avoid this combination due to this distasteful effect but I think I shall embrace it! WHY? you ask…well, you see, I like to embrace new ideas. So lets think about where we could use this technique shall we?

009MMMLove (1)

How about in mixed media? Well sure, I am showing you that right now.

How about on cards and tags? It gives a less than perfect color differentiation while adding depth and staying flat.

How about on mail art? You could definitely use this technique on the outside of an envelop to add depth and dimension as it looks great, and once again, stays flat!

What will YOU try it on?

009MMMLove (11)

If you would like to see the full tutorial please follow this link:

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Busy Weekend

September 27th, 2014

I have been very internet quiet over the past couple of days. Mostly because I have not been able to make it into my workshop. Normally I am very creatively involved in the mornings, mid afternoons and late evenings but not so for the past few days. That is not to say that I haven’t been busy!

I had a very good friend over to “play” with shaving foam on Thursday, man did we have fun! So much fun that she came back Friday evening to play some more! I hope to put together a video of that soon. We decided to still play with shaving foam but tried a bunch of other colorful mediums as well, to differing results.

After that I had to clean up our mess! lol

I also tried to make a gelli plate. The first one didn’t go so well. It was floppy, super jiggly and tore apart when I tried to pick it up. So I melted it in the microwave, added more to the mixture and tried again. I let the pan set in the refrigerator for about 8 hours and then I took it out and left it on the counter. I am wondering if I did it right this time or if it will melt into a gelatinous puddle by morning. We shall certainly see.

Today I took my son to see the children’s symphony and its interpretation of “Peter and the Wolf”. The visual portion of it was a Russian stop animation. It had very marked differences to the way we portray things in North America! The faces and eyes were intense, the facial expressions easy to read. The eyes were all big and expressive. AND the part that I was least prepared for was the “true” version of the story with no coddling! Right in front of your eyes the wolf gobbles down the duck with not a single blink. Meanwhile, Peter stands there aghast, his mouth hanging open. I looked at my 5 year old sons face in that moment and saw the same look of shocked astonishment! So, while I wont say it was spectacular, the music was wonderful, which is what we went for…

Tonight I got to start my next mixed media canvas. I have already preped the canvas and added several layers. The last layer I added was stencil and paste roses. So once that dries I can paint it and then put the movie together for everyone. With that canvas, I also started another “leftovers” page in my artists journal.

I am also hoping to be able to try out my new gelli plate after the kids go to bed tomorrow night! Wish me luck on the recipe!

Good-night and thank-you for stopping by!