Here I am!

So I am trying to do a lot of things all at once and while I feel like I am getting a lot done I will need some patience on the part of my visitors.

I would say that this web site is officially up and running but I know that I still have a tonne of media and information to add to it.

I am so SUPER excited to be building this site!

Also, I am discovering that I will have to learn a whole lot more in order to make this site work the way I want it to. I have no clue in how to manage my widgets, make my images the right size or what buttons to click to make things go where I told them to! So bear with me on those things, I am sure I will get it some day soon! lol

I am looking forward to setting up a place where I can show you who I am reading and YouTubing with as well…in time. For now I am grabbing the hours that my kids are in school and sucking all the precious minutes out of them in order to get all my pages set and ready for the love I hope they will soon receive.


The Plan!

Step 1: Create a cache of videos for YouTube. Then continue to create with consistency and post 2-4 videos each week.

Step 2: Increase viewership and number of subscribers to at least 1000 by Christmas of 2014.

Step 3: Learn the ins and outs of managing my own website. Make it work for me in a portfolio, sales and support format.

Step 4: Create courses for learning the “how to” methods to my madness. Offer them as part of a membership package on

Step 5: Enjoy my productivity so much that I make something of this creative process and NOT go back to work in September of 2015!

So there it is. My ultimate goal is to NOT go back to work in industry next September. I also know that I can learn anything I set my mind to, that I love to help others find the creative freedom that is within each of us AND I have a MEGA stash of product to use up and this is a great way to do it!

So lets go! I am going to create tags, cards, canvases, art journal pages and other paper projects. Come along on my journey and get inspired to create something of your own,

Wish me luck!