Scrap Kit Saturday – Card & ATCs

Hello again my creative friends!

Today I am showing you the card and ATC’s that I made using Scrapbooking Fanatics August 2015 Scrap Fan Kit.

I posted an introduction video of the kit to my YouTube channel back on August 1st and then made a scrapbooking layout with it the following week. Here are the videos if you missed them!

Next week I will be doing some altered art with this kit, so keep your eyes peeled!

August Card and ATC

I made this project with the August 2015 kit, as well as components from the May 2015 and July 2015 kits for a bit of variety.

August 15 2015 006

If you are interested in joining this kit club, please visit Sandy over at Scrapbooking Fanatics and send her a message.

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Scrap It Saturday!

Here is my very FIRST post for “Scrap It Saturday”!

For the past year I have been searching for a Canadian and Local scrapbooking kit club. I found a lot of them that ship from the states, and a few of them that ship within Canada but nothing that was so local that I could meet the people and not have to pay a whole lot of shipping.

I did discover that my local scrapbooking store had their own kit AND a monthly scrapping challenge BUT then they closed their store. I recently got notification that they have re-opened in a different location and will at some point go check it out. BUT in the mean time THIS came up!

Sandy Hobbs over at Scrapbooking Fanatics posted on facebook that she is going to make her monthly kits available in her online store. This is pretty awesome because I have purchased some of her kits and really enjoy all the fun she packs into them. Not only does Sandy have an online store, she also has a blog AND she travels! I mean she and her ENTIRE scrapbooking store TRAVEL! I have met up with her at many weekend events and love having my shopping “needs” met without having to leave a crop! I like the products she brings in, I like how friendly and helpful she is and I love how the regulars can just ask for something and she will try her best to deliver!

This month I though I would take the opportunity to show you one of her kits. It is no longer available since it is the kit from November of 2014, but it will give you a good idea of what kind of awesomeness to expect!

Here is my Youtube video: Lizzie’s Workshop Kit Club Intro

Here is the link to her Facebook page: Scrapbooking Fanatics on FB

Here is her blog: Scrapbooking Fanatics Blog

And here is ME saying “Look out for my weekly video and blog post segments called Scrap It Saturday!”

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Taggy Tuesday – Coffee Time!

Welcome to this weeks Taggy Tuesday!

I started this weeks tag off with repeating a process that I recently used in creating a journal spread. I love the process of cutting up the papers into little squares and gluing them in sequence. I wasn’t sure that all the papers would work well together but knew it was worth a try.

I am actually making this tag for me! I have just been loving all the gelli print play I have been having, I adore sewing and I need a new book mark. So the idea behind this was for it to be FLAT rather than FAT, but to still have texture and a focal point that spoke to me.

So, I went digging through my gelli pages that I had started to chop up for my journal entry and chose a pile of the scraps. I wasn’t looking for any kind of cohesion in the colours at this point, just that there would be enough of each pattern to work with the sequence I had in mind.

Next thing I did was glue them down with matte gel medium and let it dry over night. I then grabbed a punching template and my “stabby thing” (official term: piercing tool) and went to town creating the holes for my cross stitch pattern. I chose some embroidery thread that didn’t match any of the colours in the gelli prints but was part of the same families and started cross stitching every square onto the tag. I really loved the quilted look I finished with and thought I could just leave it like that…but then it would not have been very entertaining for my crafty friends!

Once I finished all the sewing I went looking for some sort of element that would make me happy every time I opened the book I was reading. I looked around my craft table and sitting across from me was a canvas board that one of my students had been working on. She had drawn a giant cappuccino mug and saucer right in the center of the board and I KNEW my bookmark had to have the topic of “Coffee Time”.

016TTCoffee (1)

Please grab yourself a cup-a-Joe and join me on YouTube for the play-by-play of “Coffee Time”!

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Taggy Tuesday – Hummingbird

March 10, 2015

Hello my fellow creative friends!

This morning I posted my first video for my new YouTube segment called “Taggy Tuesday” I know that this is a common theme for Tuesdays but it has just such a fabulous ring to it!

So this first tag was created with the use of a previously created background. I posted a video last Thursday which was the first of my new YouTube segment called “Un-Finished”. That is the background that I am using for this weeks tag.

I created a video for YouTube that you can find here:

In this video I used stamps from Stampin’ Up, flowers from Bazzill Basics and Petaloo. I also used 3D objects that I made using molding clay from Stampin’ Up and silicone molds I had on hand. I think there is also a dollar store doily under there as well.

March 2015 001 March 2015 002 March 2015 004March 2015 003

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Un-Finished Thursday – Lindy’s Magical Background

March 10th, 2015

Welcome to Lizzie’s Workshop! Glad you could join me!

I wanted to tell you all about a new segment I am putting up on my YouTube channel!

It is of course called “Un-Finished Thursday”. Why did I choose such a name you ask?

Well, first of all, I have all kinds of projects that I start and then never really finish. Sometimes they get totally scrapped, sometimes I am just creating a background for something and then it sits for a while, or sometimes I my muse abandons me and I just simply don’t have the drive to take the project any further.

Another reason that Un-Finished is so perfect for Thursday is because while Thursday is close to the end of the week, the week is still “un-finished”!

So For my first Un-Finished Thursday I posted a video on my YouTube channel that was called: Caribbean Cruise Magicals Background. And that is exactly what I did! I created a background using Lindy’s Magicals from the Caribbean Cruise collection.

Here is the video:

In this video I also used a straw!

AND I used 3D matte gel by art basics which I bought here:

Hope you enjoy the video and get inspired to try this process at home!

003-1 003-2








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The Disorderly Inky Grid.

March 6th, 2015

In December of 2013 I posted my very first tutorial YouTube video. It was all about creating a 81/2 x 11 patterned sheet of card stock in your theme of preference and then chopping it up into 2 card fronts, 2 mini cards and a couple gift tags. I have continued to use this process as I think it looks really great with different kinds of themes. In December of 2014 I made another set in a different range of colours and even remembered to take pictures of it!

Oct 28 2014 003


Below this post I linked in my first YouTube video!

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Up-Cycling Christmas Cards 2014

November 14th, 2014

Today I invited a friend over to make Christmas cards! We had a lot of fun chit chatting until bedtime and even made a few things!

I started off with quite a modern Christmas card that a family member received last year. I chopped it apart, added borders to each chopped rectangle and reassembled it on a green background. Then adhered it all to a white card base.

November 21 2014 009


The next card I worked on was a beautiful vintage looking Santa Claus card. I grabbed my scissors, fussy cut him out, then cut out the window behind him. He needed something more in the background so I created a brick wall as the back drop. i put Santa on a black background so he would have a bit of a shadow and then pop dotted him up in almost the exact place I cut him from.

November 21 2014 010

The next card I worked on was a beautiful vintage card from the 70’s. The image was originally a mouth painting! I thought that was so neat! I cut the print out, put a border mat beneath it and added a red banner in behind it. It didn’t seem complete so I embossed the card front with a wood grain sizzix folder and my big shot machine.

November 21 2014 012


The next 2 are based on the concept of the layered card often seen in stamping. I made a set of template rectangles and then used a ruler and craft knife to cut the rectangles out of the card fronts. I alternated between the image and solid paper to achieve the effect I was going for. Once again, these card fronts came from past Christmas’ and i liked the images, so instead of recycling the cards, I up-cycled the fronts of them.

November 21 2014 014 November 21 2014 013This next one is one that I am not sure I like. I cropped the image from the front of a card and the words from the inside of the card. Then I added the patterned paper for the base and glued it all together. I think that the reason I don’t love it is because it is too simple to satisfy my collage based brain. There is simply not enough going on on this card! Haha.

November 21 2014 011The last card i made tonight was very simple as well, but I think I like it the best of the whole set. Once again, all I did was crop the image, adhere it to a red mat/frame, and glued it on to a dark Christmas paper with a white card base. Simple and elegant.

November 21 2014 007Hope you enjoyed my first set of card up-cycles for this year and will save your cards for remaking in the future!

Thanks for reading!




The Starbucks Coffee Cup Card

September 12, 2014

Once upon a time there was a magical coffee cup…I say “once upon a time” but it was actually today! This cup was so perfect and pristine that I had to steal it from Starbucks! Right from under their noses! I simply asked for my super amazing Venti Soy Peppermint Mocha to be double cupped! Then when nobody was looking I also put on TWO Cup sleeves! Yes, I was a horrible thief, but all in the name of crafting!

When I got out of the store I sneakily un-double-cupped my super amazing bevvy and cherished the perfect white cup all the way home! When I got home I KILLED the cup! That’s right! I couldn’t take its beauty any longer! I stabbed the bottom out of it with a scalpel, and cut away any sign of bottom remains!

I then chose some patterned card stock, traced the cup onto the card stock and fussy cut it out! From there I continued on in my journey of cut and paste until my beautiful cup had turned into a multi paged coffee cup card!

September 2014 001

Why would I make such a fabulous creation? Because it was my brothers birthday yesterday, it is his party tomorrow and we will need a card with enough space for 6 families to sign their well wishes! My brother is a heavy duty mechanic, he is also a heavy duty coffee drinker, making a coffee cup mini album into a birthday card just seemed so incredibly fitting that I just couldn’t resist!

Where did I get this idea? from WILNA in THIS video!

I also made a video, of my coffee cup adventure! You can watch it here: