Fast Frames Friday – Floppy Flowers

Hello again my creative and crafty friends!

Today I am bringing you a very short video about how I make my floppy flowers.

What are floppy flowers?

Cute little textural flowers made out of string and glue dots.

August 15 2015 001

The reason I am bringing these little flowers to your attention is because I was asked to in a comment on one of my youtube videos!

I am going to give you the supplies list here and you can follow along with the video and make your very own.

In the video I mention that I use these flowers in the base layer of some of my mixed media projects. I like the added pops of color, their versatility and the added texture.



August 15 2015 001 (2)

To follow along, you will need:

2-3 Glue dots

1 of these, bakers twine, cording, yarn, string, ribbon

Rangers liquid pearls or glitter glue



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Fast Frames Friday – All In The Details

Welcome to this weeks Fast Frames Friday!

This week I am showing you what a difference it makes to put in those added little details that often come in black and white.

This journal page was one of those ones where you look at the things around you and just use what ever you can reach to create something. For me this was a pretty intuitive piece and I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. Just grabbed things and glued them down with matte gel medium.

I started off with ripping up scraps of red tissue paper that had been covered with gesso in one of the classes I teach. It was left behind by one of my students. The next layer was the ripped green strips of mask I was using for a journal page I made that morning.

I have been holding on to the baby wipes that have been used for paint or ink clean-up. Once they were saturated with color I would hang them up to dry. I wasn’t sure how or when I would use them but thought I would see how they turned out. So I grabbed a couple of those, cut them up and added them to the page as well.

My next layer was some clippings from a dictionary page that was laying around, glued them on and I was “done”.

019 (1)


I say that this page is done because this is a place that many of my students will stop and tell me “I’m all done”. I often say to them “do you like it?” and the response is most frequently “I think so”.

Technically there is nothing wrong with this page. It has a bunch of colors that work well together, it is mixed media and it is also collage. BUT it is missing something that is quite key to the completion of a piece.

It is missing all the details! It is missing emphasis on shapes, it is missing the elements that satisfy your eye. The parts that keep your eye on the page for more than a blink.

My very quick YouTube video will show you the details I added to this page in a step by step process.

But here is the page now that I have made it finished to “my” eye.

019 (2)

Most of the time, when I hand my students a black and a white, they will go to town adding all kinds of details to their pages. When they say “I am all done” and I ask “do you like it” I often get “I liked it before, now it LOVE it!” Keep in mind that the level of details added is up to the artist. But in a way the finial details step is almost the most important. It adds emphasis, depth and visual interest to the piece.

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What Can You Do With Sand and Glue?

March 13th, 2015

Welcome back my fine friends for episode 2 of Fast Frames Friday!

Today I will show you just one use for Elmers glue and coloured sand!

I started this project off by raiding my children’s craft space. I grabbed some liquid white glue and a jar of purple play sand that my kids have long abandoned.

I then played around with the effects I could make with it and then finally applied it to one of art journals. Now I know that this technique is not going to last forever just based on the fact that elmers glue will not last forever. But while it stays stuck to the page, I shall enjoy it!

Here is the process video for this week’s Fast Frames Friday:¬†

To finish off the journal that I put the sand onto, I will paint and stamp on the Gessoed areas and then seal it all together with a layer of Golden matte medium.

Here are the pictures of the sand effect:

March 11 2015 023 March 11 2015 024 March 11 2015 025






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Fast Frames Friday #1

March 06, 2015

Welcome to the first of many Fast Frames Friday!

What is Fast Frames Friday?

Well, glad you asked!

In revamping my website I revamped my video storage system on my computer and discovered that I had a hole bunch of unprocessed video clips. The reason most of them were unprocessed is because they are really just little bits and pieces of successful “playtime” in the workshop, or things that were originally part of a larger project.

I will bring those little tidbit of video to you every Friday in videos that are between 3 and 7 minutes long.

It wont take long to learn something new!

Here is the first ever Fast Frames Friday

005-1 005-5


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