Mixed Media Monday – Gelli Print Journal Page

Hello my creative friends! Thank-you for joining me for this weeks episode of Mixed Media Monday. My journal page this week was all about using some of that beautiful stack of gelli prints that I have created over the past couple of months.

I will start off by telling you how I store my prints. I picked up a large, clear office organizer from my local office supply store and it just happened to slide perfectly into into my cube storage shelving unit! It has 2 drawers that are about 3″x 3″x 9″, then an open space that is 3″x 6″x 9″ across the top and the rest of the rack is broken into paper sized slots of 3″x 13″x 9″ deep.

November 2015 001

I keep all my little scraps, printed labels and tags in the little drawers.  Place the envelopes, half pages, doilies and small book pages in the smaller slot. Then I organize all the bigger prints. One slot for the letter sized printed pages, this is mostly on white card stock as that is my preferred printing paper, it gives me the choice of using it in paper piecing but is also sturdy enough for book making. The next slot down is all the other pages that are around letter sized, so book pages, file folders, delli papers, wrapping paper and so. and then the bottom section is for my large prints that come from large book pages, legal sized papers, brown paper bags and so on.

This is A LOT of storage space in my workshop for one specific item. So when it starts to get full, I don’t search for more storage space, because there simply isn’t any, I focus my efforts on using some of it up. Most often, that means CREATING!

My gelli prints are made of paint and paper. Paper can be used in almost ALL of my hobbies, and that is how I use it. For me, there isn’t anything special about it other than pride of creation, and sometimes I feel like I can’t even claim that because I used other peoples tools, such as stencils and paint. So, once my shelves get full I make things like: Book signatures, cards, ATCs, art journal pages, scrapbooking pages, embellishments, and die cuts. There really isn’t a limit.

Here is this weeks video on how I used them to create a quilted art journal page.

Happy Monday, and thanks for watching, commenting and visiting often!




Kraaft Shaak Design Team – Gelli Art Time! #KSDT2015

Welcome to this weeks design team submission!

Join me as I Spark Some Kreativity, Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak!

This months project was totally artist own and I got really excited about it. So I went through my stash and laid out everything I had ever purchased or had given to me by the Kraaft Shaak. Believe me, it was a LOT of stuff! THEN I came upon my circular gelli printing plates and remembered someone recently saying “You can’t really DO anything with a circular plate” and I thought I would put that to the test!

So I grabbed the stack of stencils I had picked out at the Kraaft Shaak. Pulled my Kraaft Shaak supplied Dina Wakely heavy bodied paints out of the pile and then grabbed a couple stamps for good measure.

I feel as though I did a lot with my circular plates and that I am going to have to go back in to play with the idea of using some stamps

This was a really fabulous project, but I do have to say that it was really hard to video record it because I kept getting into the zone and forgetting the camera was one. Which was great in the moment but difficult to edit afterwards. Here is where you can find the video:

My favourite part of this project? The faces!! Oooh the faces!

KSDT2015Oct (3)

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Be Friendly.

Good Mixed Media Monday!

Today I am sharing another journal entry with you. It is an emotional piece and I have not really done one like this since October of last year.

On that note, it isn’t really an “angry” piece as much as it is a “searching for a acceptance of what is” piece. This entry started off with a whole lot of confusion and uncertainty and helped me get to a place where I could deal with the issues.

It “speaks” of anger and uncertainty with the red paint, then of a lack of communication with this looming black brick wall. I felt that the “writing on the wall” was also fitting for this “conversation”. It reads “we don’t have to be friends to be friendly” over and over again.

I then created the 2 faces of people who are both very colorful and also very different. There are parts of them that are similar but they don’t really share anything at all. Each person is a patchwork of parts, like humans often are, pieced together by our life experiences. Similar parts but assembled and experienced differently.

On the flag pole is a flag holding the definition of friend and friendship from an old dictionary. It reads: to love, one who is attached to another by affection; one who has esteem and regard for another and his society; one not hostile; one of the same nation, paternity or kin; one who looks with favor upon…and on and on it goes, into the definition of friendlike, friendliness, friendly, friendly fire and friendship.

015MMMFriendly (1)


I really like this page as a finished piece and know it will speak to me for a long time.

Thank-you for stopping by, you can see the process video on my YouTube channel with this link:

Lizzie’s Workshop MMM – Friendly

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Gelatin Plate Hate!

September 30th, 2014

That’s IT, I’m done!

I am going to ask for a real Gelli plate for Christmas this year! I have been testing out recipes every couple days for the past week. None of them like me. I have even had a friend come over to make one with me and she is a baker, so I KNOW she can follow a recipe!

Even though the plates have been disintegrating beneath my fingertip I have been using them till they die! Turning each one into a gelatinous blog of goo! I swear, I don’t know what it is. I have Googled, I have YouTubed, I have G+’d. Nothing is working out for me!

sept30 2014 001

I have mostly been in good spirits though, going into each one with high hopes and coming out happy, having played until the blobs couldn’t take it any more! This last one, I had to scoop its contents up with a spoon! The only good thing about these crash tests has been that the top layer solidifies a bit as I add the acrylic paint. That allows me to play for a few minutes before having to clean it all up.

Here are the pulls I got from the first “plate”:

Sept 30 2014 001

I didn’t bother to take pictures of the next 3 recipes.

Here are the pulls from the last one. As you can see from the pictures above, it disintegrated out from under me. You would think that I was kneading it like dough, but I was actually very gentle due to the previous messes!

Sept 30 2014 006 Sept 30 2014 005 Sept 30 2014 004 Sept 30 2014 003

I will definitely be buying a real gelli plate around Christmas time!

Thank-you for stopping by!