I’ve Been Framed! #KSDT2015

Hello my creative and colorful friends!

Today we are going to Spark Some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak!

This is my last post as a member of the Kraaft Shaak Design Team and what an honor it has been! Over the past 3 months we have altered an item, created something for back to school and now I am going to show you how I “kill the kit”.

Normally I have a video to link to my post at the bottom, but today it just didn’t work out. I was working on such a large project that it took up my whole work bench and the filming was just not going to work. I tried to zoom in to the corner I was working on, but then would constantly go off screen. So I did something I rarely do and took a big pile of pictures!

September 2015 007

My first step was to sort through all my supplies that were left in my kit and make a pile of the ones that just might work for this project.





September 2015 003Then I dug through my closet to find a frame I had picked out about 4 years ago for something else. It was a large, black frame from Ikea that measured about 30 inches by 30 inches.





September 2015 004


I took it out to my garage work bench and sanded it to make the black just a little less shiny.




September 2015 005Then cut chicken wire off of the roll I had out there and slowly, tediously and with a little blood (a Kraafter was only minorly injured in the creation of this project) I folded it over the top, around the sides.





September 2015 006I stapled it to the back with my heavy duty staple gun and Wa-la! I had a frame that I could hang little things from!





September 2015 009Once that was done I brought it back inside and painted it with my plum chalkboard paint from Prima.





September 2015 010

My next step was to take a bunch of the book pages I had left in my mixed media kit and create a bit of structure on the chicken wire, almost like paper mache, to support all the stuff I wanted to add to my project.




September 2015 014 September 2015 015I let that dry over night and spent the morning shopping my stash for the perfect combination of beautiful to embellish my frame. I found all kinds of flowers and metal bits and pieces, as well as a large amount of what was left of my mixed media kit. I used the cheese cloth, gold mica flakes, sequins, pearl glass glitter and butter colored glass beads and my sample of golden olive chalkboard paint as well as the scrap butterflies from the napkin that came in my kit.

September 2015 011 September 2015 012 September 2015 013 September 2015 016 September 2015 018 September 2015 019 September 2015 022 September 2015 021 September 2015 020 September 2015 017I spent about an hour compiling everything on the frame, adding bits and pieces here and there to build up a big mass of 3D elements. I glued it all down with Finnabairs 3D matte gel. and let it sit, untouched, over night.





















The next morning I went in and swept some of the plum chalkboard paint over the flowers to bring a background element to the foreground and make it all come together.

September 2015 007 (2) September 2015 004 (2) September 2015 003 (2) September 2015 002 September 2015 001

Now, here is the step where I am sorry to say, I missed taking this picture. I was so full of excitement as I added all the shiny, sparkly, glimmery elements that I forgot to take pictures of where I put all the sparkle. So I will just tell you. I used the 3D matte gel randomly around the edges of the big pink flowers and sprinkled on some pearl colored glass glitter. Then I laid down little patches of gel in and around the flowers and added a little bit of mica flakes here and a little bit of glass beads there. A few sequins peaking out here and there and used up my charcoal art sugar in a bit of dusting along the frame.





September 2015 009 (2)











The last step to this project was to use up the rest of my kit on creating ATC’s (artist trading cards) to hang on the frame. Here are a few that are on their way to completion.

September 12 2015 002 Sept 12 2015 003 Sept 12 2015 001September 12 2015 001







I do have some left overs in my kit, but they are all soon going to be used for my series of ATCs that I will put up on the board over time to keep it interesting.





This is what I have left.Sept 12 2015 004






I am starting an ATC (artist trading card) class and trading board in my local scrapbooking store. This frame will go up on their wall. The whole purpose of the ATC movement is to SHARE a love of art for free. To build a community of creative people who do not judge and critique each others work, but who share and inspire each other every day!

To me, Heather Kraafter is all of that. She has built up a fabulous and caring Kraafters Kommunity of people on G+ who not only share their projects, but also their lives. She has built a family of people who may not have ever formally met, but who value each other for what they can bring to the Kommunity. In that kommunity we do not judge each other, but we definitely share and inspire each other every day. It is in honor of Heather that I hang this in my local craft store with the hope that her essence will continue to inspire the world to come together and find “family” through our creativity.

Thank-you Heather for the honor of sharing a place on your design team for the past 3 months. Thank-you for inspiring me and being a fabulous roll model for many Kraafters, the world over!




This Little House

Hello my crafty and creative friends!

I have something a little different to bring to you today! It is the story of a little house, a really little house, for dolls!

For all of my sons kindergarten school year I volunteered in his classroom. I would come in for a whole morning each week and be of any help that I could. While visiting this classroom I fell in love with the teachers doll house. It sat in the center of the room and acted as a wall of sorts between the circle time carpet area and the work tables for learning time.

August 13 2015 (8)

August 13 2015 (1)


Throughout the year I off and on heard bits and pieces about how this house had been a part of the teachers career. She seemed very attached to it but would often call it ‘sad’. I thought the house was quite lovely, but definitely needed some love.

August 13 2015 (7) August 13 2015 (6) August 13 2015 (5) August 13 2015 (4) August 13 2015 (3) August 13 2015 (2)

At the end of the school year, while all the other parents were pondering what gift to give their childrens’ teachers, I decided that I would be able to bring some life to this pretty little house. So I offered to take it home with me for the summer. Once I got it home I ripped out all the carpets, wallpaper and linoleum. I re-glued what needed re-gluing, I sanded what needed sanding and I removed the roof flaps and staircase.

Then I vacuumed, washed and scraped it clean and smooth. I went over the whole house, filling holes and gauges, smoothing scrapes and nicks in the wood.

All I had left were the little houses beautiful bones. I then sat in a chair in my garage and stared at the little house, I pondered and dreamed and planned. For 3 days I tossed ideas around in my head about what I should do with the little house. Should I make it look like a modern home? Should I make it old fashioned? Should I dress it up for the teacher to love? OR should I give it life for a kindergarten classroom?

In the end, the kindergarten classroom idea flourished and I went for a walk through our local HomeDepot store. I was looking for things that had different textures, for color pallets that would appeal to both girls and boys and for flooring that would be modern, and textural. I also wanted each room to be different. I then went walking through the paint aisle to figure out what color we should paint the outside. Luckily I had brought my young daughter with me and she helped me choose between pink, blue and teal. When I got to the flooring aisle I told the support person about my project and she walked with me down the aisle handing me scraps of carpet that I could use for this project. I went home with my paint and donated carpet scraps and started working. I painted the entire house, inside and out with white primer that night. I was so excited!

A week later I began. Starting at the top on the inside and working my way down I slowly created one room at a time. It took me a couple of weeks to finish all the painting and gluing. I had to touch up the paint a few times because because all the edges and trims over lap each other. But slowly, slowly, this cute little house came to life for the children.

IMG_2393The first room is in the attic, I painted the walls a creamy color and then cut 3 strips of carpet to size to create the impression of a fancy wall to wall carpet.

IMG_2394The second room is also in the attic. I had one small piece of red hallways runner and thought it would make the perfect, thick, luxurious feel of a Persian wall to wall carpet. I painted these walls cream as well.

IMG_2395The next room is blue, not for boys, but because blue and bubbles seemed perfect for each other. I used a stencil for the bubbles, but the house paint was a different viscosity than the paints I normally use and my canvas was vertical so my round bubbles lacked perfection. But this room made me think of a few things. One, we don’t have to be perfect to be fabulous. Two, blue bubbles are beautiful! And three, circles are part of kindergarten learning.

IMG_2396The fourth room is all about being simple. I painted it with left over purple interior house paint and then covered it with star filled tissue paper as wall paper. This room was a little difficult to do though because I realized too late that the star paper was actually patterned and I had to kind of fake it around the window…oops.

IMG_2397Room number 5 is a tribute to my daughter and all little children who love bright colors and lots of flowers. I painted it buttercup yellow with left over interior house paint from my bathroom reno last year. Then I grabbed some floral tissue paper from the dollar store and ripped it all up. I then covered every inch of the room with flower paper and acrylic matte gel.

IMG_2398Room number 6 is a tribute to my son and all little children who love black, silver and geometric shapes. The tile is this fabulously gel textured, peel and stick, kitchen tile. It is shiny and smooth and fabulous, or at least I think so! The flooring for this room and the one before is a left over strip of linoleum from my bathroom reno last year.


The last thing I did was paint the roof. I found this fabulous charcoal colored chalkboard paint at the craft store and went to work painting the “shingles” of the house. I loved the look of it but realized, once it was out in the sun, that it would need at least 1-2 more layers of the paint to cover the white primer under neath.

IMG_2399 IMG_2392Once I was finished I got very nervous. Would the teacher like it? Would the children like it? Would the carpet stay stuck down? Would it fit into the classroom?

So I showed it to my children and for the rest of summer they begged me to let them play with it. When the teacher came to pick it up, she was very happy and appreciative.

I really enjoyed this project and hope you did too! Breathing life into this little house for the children made me very happy.

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Homework Trays #KSDT2015

Spark Some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak

Hello my creative friends!

It is that time again!

I get to show you my August KraaftShaak.com design team project! This month our theme is all about “Back To School”. For me, this topic made my mind nearly explode with ideas so I had to narrow down the field a little bit. These are the criteria I chose to use to sort out my ideas:

Does it help the children?

Does it make mornings easier?

Does it solve any of the problems we had last year?

Yes, yes and yes! This project met all of my criteria. I am calling it a “homework tray”. The IDEA is that when the children come into the house after school they will hang their back packs on a hook in the kitchen, remove and empty their lunch kits and place ALL the papers and their agendas into their own tray. Then, at homework time, I can help them sort through and read the papers, finish any homework and sign off on their agendas. Everything that goes back to school will go back to the tray so that in the morning it is easy to grab the pile and put it in their back packs with their lunch kits.

I started this project out with 2 wooden file trays that I picked up at Home Sense, which is a home decor store here in Canada. I then sat down with them and my mixed media kit from the Kraaft Shaak and started to play. Normally I like to decorate in a kind of “over the top” way, but this time I wanted to keep things simple so that they wouldn’t get damaged through regular wear and tear. I even asked my children for their opinions on some things.

KSDTBackToSchool2015 (14) KSDTBackToSchool2015 (10) KSDTBackToSchool2015 (7) KSDTBackToSchool2015 (3)

KSDTBackToSchool2015 (9) KSDTBackToSchool2015 (4)

KSDTBackToSchool2015 (1)

To summarize, I am creating a single place where all the stuff that comes home from school can congregate!

Does it help the children? YES, because when mom and dad say “where is your agenda?” we wont hear “I don’t know”

Does it make mornings easier? YES, because everything will be in one easy to find place!

Does it solve any of the problems we had last year? YES, because there were many mornings where we were scrambling for things like library books, permissions slips, agendas and homework. The “I don’t know” monster had emptied the backpacks into the gaping hole (a.k.a front door) and everything had vanished into thin air!

So, while I do not look forward to the bumpy road of establishing the routine of “how to empty your back pack after school” I do look forward to a little bit less stress!

If you would like to watch the process video for these trays, you can find it here:

Lizzie’s Workshop Homework Tray Tutorial

Click here to pick up your very own KraaftShaak.com Mixed Media Kit

And visit here: Kraaft Shaak Blog to see what our round two team has been up to!

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The Garden View! #KSDT2015

Spark Some Kreativity Saturday @ the Kraaft Shaak

Welcome to the garden view!

As soon as I opened up my brand new Mixed Media Kit from the KraaftShaak.com Store I knew that I would love creating with it! I dug through to the bottom to discover that my altered item was in fact a beautiful wooden double “door” frame for a 4×6 picture.

I was instantly reminded of a picture of myself from many years ago. I was visiting ghost towns with a cousin while travelling through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We stopped and adventured through one that had only a single wall remaining of a small dwelling. In this wall the bricks were stacked and mortared with this little wooden window casing that opened up to the outside. My cousin and I took turns taking pictures of each other through that window because it was just such a perfectly framed image.

I took that inspiration and ran with it, recreating that brick wall, adding some life to it with creeping vines, flowers and metallic objects.



July 21 2015 006July 21 2015 008July 21 2015 007

This was one of those projects that evolves slowly, over the course of several days. I would add a little bit to it and then set it aside for another day, I would repeat that process until one night I decided to make it FINISHED!

As you can see I just added more and more elements until it just couldn’t take any more!

I wanted to write this big elaborate blog about how much I enjoyed working on this project, but decided instead that the video is significantly more entertaining!

So please stop in a watch my process video for this project here: YouTube Video

Here is a list of products that I used for this project!

I went to my mixed media kit for the following: Wooden double door frame, dictionary pages, Prima Chalkboard paints in golden olive,  cheese cloth, Lindy’s stamp gang shimmery magicals, Finnabair art ingredients glass beads in butter color, metallic findings, Charcoal art sugar by finnabair

I shopped at the Kraaft Shaak for the following: Finnabair Art Extravagance white sand texture paste, Color Bloom Spray in deep teal with vintage metallic finish, 3D gloss gel by Finnabair,

And I pulled this stuff from my stash: Golden Matte Medium, Vintage Stampin’ Up Stains – Mahogany and charcoal, Brick stencil by Crafter’s Workshop, mini mister sprayers by Ranger, Martha Stuart glue pen, grass by Citadel, a maple leaf punch, mini flower punch, wedding confetti green flowers by Brides, Ranger liquid pearls, Primas botanical mix, chipboard and glossy accents by ranger, Prima chalkboard paint in jewel blue.

Please also check out the G+ community called Kraafters Kommunity!

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KraaftShaak.com Design Kall Submission

February 27th, 2015

Welcome my friends to my very first submission to any design team ever!

Last year I joined the G+ community called Kraafters Kommunity:


Since then I have built relationships, shared my hobbies with other people who love to craft and have shared many wonderful moments enjoying live crafting shows, taking part in challenges and travelling projects as well as many google hangouts! So when the moderator, Heather, posted this:


It felt like a “calling” for me to get back into the groove and share my videos once again with the world at large!

So without further ado, here it is!


03 (1) 03 (2) February 2015 006






I started off with an American Crafts plain white, raw canvas, binder style, album. This one is used almost daily and holds all my 12×12 stencils of all brands. It was intended as a scrapbook album but with its strong D-ring construction, the option of adding more pages and ability to travel, it quickly got filled with my stencils!

I have been wanting to play with my Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magicals and Flat Magicals powders for some time now and have been putting it off, knowing I would be opening a big can of “worms” that I would love to keep opening. On this project I played with:

Caribbean Blue from the Lindy’s Flat Magical “Caribbean Cruise” collection.

Queen of Hearts Red and Tweedle Dee Denim Flat Magicals from the Lindy’s “Mad Hatter” collection.


Sea Grass Green and Clam Bake Beige from the  Lindy’s “Nantucket Pearls” collection.

I also used a few Prima stencils for this piece:

“Rattan” from Prima

“Free Spirit” by Jamie Dougherty

and “Doily 2” by Finnebair.

I used some more products but you can watch the video on my YouTube Channel to hear all about those!


Thank-you for joining me!



Fix The Clock! #KSDSEPT

September 23, 2014

When I first shopped at Ikea for things to fill my brand new shiny craft room, 5 years ago, I bought this simple clock. From that day forward I had the intention of “fixing” it. Meaning, making it pretty and inspiring. So I stared at it for the past 5 years and have let it be dull. I even let the battery die and never bothered to change it. Why would I look at something so uninspiring all day. Besides, I don’t want to mark time when I am crafting.

Sept 23 2014 001


THEN I joined this G+ community called “Kraafters Kommunity” https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109488046506790209024 and there I found “Kraaft It Live”. During this live show the moderator, Heather, introduced the monthly challenge. The September challenge was to use mixed media in a way you hadn’t in a long time or in a way you had never used it. Many of the participants tried mixed media for the first time, many made card back ground and all sorts of other things. I was pretty uninspired, I mean, I use mixed media in almost everything I do.

THEN, one evening, I was angry because my computer was not behaving in an expected fashion, I was frustrated because I was busy, had a lot on my table and felt overwhelmed! I was running out of time! I had just started my computer on a full system virus scan and knew it would take hours! What could I do that would be productive that I didnt need my computer for? NOTHING! I threw down my note book, gathered my coffee cup and turned to leave my workshop.

It was then that I looked at the clock! My first thought was not “hey I could decorate the clock with this time” it was “YOU ARE GONNA GET IT!” Time was marching, I needed more of it, felt I was wasting it, it was passing so fast and I couldn’t slow it down. So that JERK was gonna get it!

I started with ripping book pages. That felt good!

Sept 23 2014 003


I pasted them all down with my Golden Matte medium and then pulled out some stencils. I added green acrylic paint to a bubbly Tim Holtz Stencil. Then I added Brown acrylic paint to a lattice stencil from Prima.

Sept 23 2014 005



By this time I had calmed down and the juices had started flowing. The brown and green were a little too intense, angry, if you will. It makes sense though, since I started this project with anger and frustration. I decided that the clock needed numbers, but the background was just too dark. I grabbed my gesso and finger painted around the clock to lighten the mood. I don’t want to feel anger every time I look at it!

I had the jar of left over strawberry milkshake paste from my dolly journal sitting in front of me and figured that nothing is more inspiring, calming and relaxing to me than pink! So I grabbed a Tim Holtz stencil and got to work on the numbers!

Sept 23 2014 007



Then I went to bed!

The next day I came and looked at it with a clear mind and calm center. It needed more, it felt too institutional as the lattice came out more in the brick wall category to my mind’s eye. So I decided it was time to doll it up! I pulled out my box of miscellaneous flowers and started piecing things together. I then went to the bird box, as I just love birds. Plugged in my glue gun and got to work creating something of beauty that I would want to hang in front of my face in my workshop.

Here is where I landed.

Sept 23 2014 014

Sept 23 2014 015 Sept 23 2014 016 Sept 23 2014 013 Sept 23 2014 011

It wasn’t until I had put away my glue gun that I realized…I just mix media-ed in a way I never had before!


Thank-you for stopping by!



Create Yourself #KSDNOV

November 22, 2014

Today I had the opportunity to alter something from my workshop! This past summer I started to realize that I never really make art just for me, so I set out to remedy that. I have been making art journal pages, mixed media projects, and altered objects just for me ever since. A few months ago I altered the clock from my workshop, the blog about it is here in the mixed media section of my webpage. Today I altered a head I had just laying around!

Yes! I did say a HEAD! It has been sitting here on my window sill since I bought it as a young adult from a garage sale. Initially I bought it because it made me feel like a grown up woman, to have something “cultured” in my home. As time has flown by it has slowly been forgotten, just a white figurehead sitting on the shelf gathering dust and spider webs!

Well, today that all changed! The challenge for the month of November over in the G+ Kraafters Kommunity is to alter something, that is why I have the #KSDNOV. I didn’t really have anything outside of my “norm” to alter so I looked a little higher, up to the window and there she was, just waiting for me to bring her to life!


I started this process with the thought of womanhood and had planned to leave her as a “flat” piece. I was thinking I would keep her simple and “raw”. But once I had finished the flat portion of it I just couldn’t stop myself from continuing on to create a very “fat” project. I added leaves and flowers, ribbons and metallic objects, feathers and butterflies.


I just love how she turned out! My favourite part is that she looks totally different every time I look at her. Her face is shaped in such a way that she looks like a different lady from each angle. Added to that, I left one side mostly “raw” while the other side is covered in flowers.


I added these ribbons and metallic charms to her hair because I wanted her to “speak” to others. She has inspired me for years and I wanted that to continue as well. They are from a Tim Holtz collection that I picked up quite a while ago and I found them to be perfect for this piece. I actually had trouble limiting it to just 3. They read “life is about creating yourself”, “reality has limits, imagination is boundless” and “dream as if you’ll live forever”.

I also put a neck lace on her. The charm is a clock with the gears exposed. I chose that to remind myself that time is precious, so I better live and be happy in the now.


I am really happy with her, but feel that she will be getting a couple more little tweeks as time goes by.

Here is the link to the YouTube process video:

Thanks for reading!



The Crackle Painted Frame

October 6th 2014

Today I finished a couple of projects. This picture frame was inspired by the G+ “Kraafters Kommunity” and the “Word Of Inspiration Wednesday” for October 1st. The word was “pain”.

I bought this lovely brown wooden frame for a picture that I had drawn, with the intent of gifting it to my parents in law  for Christmas. I loved the frame, it was the perfect soft brown to go with my rendered drawing.

But then, as I was staring at the finished picture, placed peacefully in its frame, I realized that something was wrong with it. It was missing a certain…character, if you will.

When I think of looking out a window along the coast, staring out at a light house, it is not only the beauty of the scene that I see. I see the strength of a tower, holding up to the test of time. Standing tall against the breaking of the tide. Guiding those on the water to the safety of home. I see the tower standing there helpless to step forward when a ship is breaking upon the rocks.

If you look upon the shores of Canada, you will find hard times, hard people, and a hard won way of life. It was upon the rocks that the people made and lost their lives. Looking out to sea there is not just unending beauty, not just depths of things to discover, but a sense of loss. A sense of how small we really are, how small our troubles in the scheme of things.  No matter what happens in our lives, the tide will come in and go out, never having been touched by our sorrow. But the lighthouse watches, sees us stumble and fall, sees our pain and suffering and stands still like a sentinel.

I put a crackle finish on this frame to pay homage to the pain one would see if they gazed upon the sea.

Oct 06 2014 001Oct 06 2014 002Oct 06 2014 003


In case you would like to see the “how to”, just follow the link provided!