Mixed Media Monday – Gelli Print Journal Page

Hello my creative friends! Thank-you for joining me for this weeks episode of Mixed Media Monday. My journal page this week was all about using some of that beautiful stack of gelli prints that I have created over the past couple of months.

I will start off by telling you how I store my prints. I picked up a large, clear office organizer from my local office supply store and it just happened to slide perfectly into into my cube storage shelving unit! It has 2 drawers that are about 3″x 3″x 9″, then an open space that is 3″x 6″x 9″ across the top and the rest of the rack is broken into paper sized slots of 3″x 13″x 9″ deep.

November 2015 001

I keep all my little scraps, printed labels and tags in the little drawers.  Place the envelopes, half pages, doilies and small book pages in the smaller slot. Then I organize all the bigger prints. One slot for the letter sized printed pages, this is mostly on white card stock as that is my preferred printing paper, it gives me the choice of using it in paper piecing but is also sturdy enough for book making. The next slot down is all the other pages that are around letter sized, so book pages, file folders, delli papers, wrapping paper and so. and then the bottom section is for my large prints that come from large book pages, legal sized papers, brown paper bags and so on.

This is A LOT of storage space in my workshop for one specific item. So when it starts to get full, I don’t search for more storage space, because there simply isn’t any, I focus my efforts on using some of it up. Most often, that means CREATING!

My gelli prints are made of paint and paper. Paper can be used in almost ALL of my hobbies, and that is how I use it. For me, there isn’t anything special about it other than pride of creation, and sometimes I feel like I can’t even claim that because I used other peoples tools, such as stencils and paint. So, once my shelves get full I make things like: Book signatures, cards, ATCs, art journal pages, scrapbooking pages, embellishments, and die cuts. There really isn’t a limit.

Here is this weeks video on how I used them to create a quilted art journal page.

Happy Monday, and thanks for watching, commenting and visiting often!




Creative Arts Collaboration #pawgustart #artjournal

Hello, hello all you crafty and creative people! Thank-you for stopping in!

This month I am taking the opportunity to join a cause! This cause is dear to my heart and speaks loudly to my future in the arts. What is the Creative Arts Collaboration? It is a group of YouTube content providers who were all gathered together by Cinnamon Cooney into a Facebook group. She has provided us with a place to share information and lessons learned and to band together once a month to create similarly themed content and to all use the same # so that the work is able to be found. So far, Cinnamon has gathered together around 300 YouTube contributing artists! I find this amazing, I find this exciting, and I hope you will too!

This month is August and the theme for our August art collaboration is “animals” therefore the # will be #pawgustart. There are also 11 other sub categories that you could # at the same time so that your search would only bring up that genre of art videos. This month I have chosen #artjournal to add to mine. I may add a different one next month, depending on what kind of art I choose to create!

So grab a beverage of choice, sit back, relax, and get out there to see what this creative YouTube venture can offer you!





Be Friendly.

Good Mixed Media Monday!

Today I am sharing another journal entry with you. It is an emotional piece and I have not really done one like this since October of last year.

On that note, it isn’t really an “angry” piece as much as it is a “searching for a acceptance of what is” piece. This entry started off with a whole lot of confusion and uncertainty and helped me get to a place where I could deal with the issues.

It “speaks” of anger and uncertainty with the red paint, then of a lack of communication with this looming black brick wall. I felt that the “writing on the wall” was also fitting for this “conversation”. It reads “we don’t have to be friends to be friendly” over and over again.

I then created the 2 faces of people who are both very colorful and also very different. There are parts of them that are similar but they don’t really share anything at all. Each person is a patchwork of parts, like humans often are, pieced together by our life experiences. Similar parts but assembled and experienced differently.

On the flag pole is a flag holding the definition of friend and friendship from an old dictionary. It reads: to love, one who is attached to another by affection; one who has esteem and regard for another and his society; one not hostile; one of the same nation, paternity or kin; one who looks with favor upon…and on and on it goes, into the definition of friendlike, friendliness, friendly, friendly fire and friendship.

015MMMFriendly (1)


I really like this page as a finished piece and know it will speak to me for a long time.

Thank-you for stopping by, you can see the process video on my YouTube channel with this link:

Lizzie’s Workshop MMM – Friendly

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A Round Tuit

This Mixed Media Monday is based on a piece of nostalgia that found in the amungst the boxes I inherited from my grandmother. It was this ripped and torn circle that was obviously well aged. I wanted to save the actual bit of nostalgia for a heritage album that I have been squirreling away bits and pieces for. I liked the concept of this little scrap of paper so much, though, that I had to dedicate a page to it in my current journal.

This page was created back in the end of January, even though that was just 9 weeks ago I can already see that I have changed my creative style and grown in my product knowledge quite significantly. I am very proud of how far I have come in such a short time and look forward to seeing how I grow over the rest of the year.

With that being said though, this is one of those pieces in which I can see things that could be added, changed or fixed and yet have to be resisted because I have officially signed and dated the piece. It speaks to a moment in my life where I was stalled, not knowing where to take my creativity and feeling discouraged by the whole situation. Finding a little scrap of paper that demanded I “get tuit” seems so very fortuitous!

Here is my journal page.

013MMMTuit 001

This page was all about allowing the “leftovers” from other projects dictate the color and arrangement of all the different elements for this project. I may not have chosen this color scheme otherwise.

For this page I added layers of paper from my scraps bin, gelatos, gesso, black oil pastel, stamping with stazon ink, Mod Podge and a black fine point Pitt Pen.

If you like, you can pop over to see the process video on my YouTube channel, here is the link:


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Mixed Media Monday – Un-Amazing

Welcome to my version of Mixed Media Monday!

Today I am bringing you a playful page. I made it on a day where I wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular but still wanted to create something. The best way to do that is to just start and see where your art takes you!

So on this particular day I started by grabbing supplies that I had not used before. I was “shopping my stash” when I realized I was collecting a stack of things that would add texture and dimension. So okay then, my muse was demanding a “fat” page rather than a “flat” one. This was perfectly fine with me…except that I could only find my moleskine journal, which I generally try to fill with “flat” pages due to it having a solidly bound spine. I ended up giving in to her though, after all, she only wanted to play.

I instantly fell in love with the textures on the page. A layer of gesso, some strips of mesh drywall tape, some modelling paste put through a stencil or two. Layers of acrylic paint added to the page with a baby wipe. Some fine details, stamping, doodling and finally, a blurb of words.

“Some days just aren’t amazing”

013MMMUnamazing (1)

Some days are just days that we tick off on a calendar without much remark. But those days are still a part of us, a part of who we are and who we will be.  Having an “un-amazing” day was not a bad thing. It was relaxing and fun to just hang out with my muse, without expectations or objectives.

My picture is blurry, but you can find the process video on my YouTube channel, here is the link:



Thanks for stopping by!



Soar With Confidence

Welcome to this issue of Un-Finished Thursday!

Today I am showing you a page I created in my large canson, mixed media art journal.

I started this page during a mixed media class that I was teaching. I often do the project along side of the class for demonstration purposes. For this class I ended up having 2 start dates. So I created this collage and stencil on day one in my journal, and another one about sunshine on day 2, on a stretched canvas. For the second working day of the class I managed to get both groups together. This allowed me to finish my birds on my own time.

We first layered napkins, tissue paper and old book pages onto the page as a background. We then created stencils and drew our shapes out onto our projects with pencil. The rest of the page, outside of the shape was painted white with gesso.

That is where I begin my Un-Finished Thursday. I took this project that I just adored, right from the start, and finished it on camera for your viewing pleasure!

Here is the link for the process video: http://youtu.be/mEcYV6LmGwA

I have to admit to loving this collage so much that I have often used the same supplies to create more of it. Only problem is that I am running out of this napkin and will have to go hunting for it in my local shops very soon!

So once I added in some stamping, water color crayon, stabilo pencil, Pitt artist pen, washi tape and quotes, I felt it was finished!

Here is “Soar With Confidence”

014 UFT Sore (1)

The quotes read:

At first glance it may appear too hard, look again, always look again!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.

I left all of my quotes as unknown because had found them on Pinterest and they didn’t have the authors names attached.

Thank-you for stopping by!

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Mixed Media Monday – Love

Good Monday my creative universe!

I am starting this week off strong with having all my videos and blog posts pre-aligned! This may be something that many of you do on a regular basis.  But for me this is a FIRST! Quick, take a picture…or not, as I am still in my pajamas!

Today’s blog is all about the first page in my new Strathmore mixed media artist journal. How many journals do I currently have going, you ask…no don’t do that, then I will have to go count! lol

I created a Fast Frames Friday that was all about the resist type of effect you get when you put Finnabairs 3D matte gel over top of the old formula of Color Bloom Spray. Some people may think to avoid this combination due to this distasteful effect but I think I shall embrace it! WHY? you ask…well, you see, I like to embrace new ideas. So lets think about where we could use this technique shall we?

009MMMLove (1)

How about in mixed media? Well sure, I am showing you that right now.

How about on cards and tags? It gives a less than perfect color differentiation while adding depth and staying flat.

How about on mail art? You could definitely use this technique on the outside of an envelop to add depth and dimension as it looks great, and once again, stays flat!

What will YOU try it on?

009MMMLove (11)

If you would like to see the full tutorial please follow this link:


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What Can You Do With Sand and Glue?

March 13th, 2015

Welcome back my fine friends for episode 2 of Fast Frames Friday!

Today I will show you just one use for Elmers glue and coloured sand!

I started this project off by raiding my children’s craft space. I grabbed some liquid white glue and a jar of purple play sand that my kids have long abandoned.

I then played around with the effects I could make with it and then finally applied it to one of art journals. Now I know that this technique is not going to last forever just based on the fact that elmers glue will not last forever. But while it stays stuck to the page, I shall enjoy it!

Here is the process video for this week’s Fast Frames Friday: http://youtu.be/bmE3y7igC5s

To finish off the journal that I put the sand onto, I will paint and stamp on the Gessoed areas and then seal it all together with a layer of Golden matte medium.

Here are the pictures of the sand effect:

March 11 2015 023 March 11 2015 024 March 11 2015 025






Thank-you for stopping by!




Lindy’s Caribbean Cruise Magicals

March 12th, 2015

Hello creative friends! Once again I bring to you an episode of UnFinished Thursday!

This week I play off of last weeks video by using Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Magicals collection Caribbean Cruise. Last week I mixed three small pots of  Lindy’s powdered color on my color pallet, at the end of the project I still had most of it left. If you have been a crafter for any length of time you will know that we can never throw something like that out!

The first thing I did for this project was to find a page in my art journal that was just a little used already. The page that I chose had a bunch of spray colors on  it from when I had a chat with my friend +Heather Kraafter over at the Kraaftshaak.com . We were talking about our favorite sprays and our likes and dislikes when it comes to the spray nozzles. This was the perfect page for this new project because I was thinking about her the day I made this page and also, I had purchased this set of flat magicals from her online store!

So I took that “Unfinished” page and added some bits of collage. I have a book of sheet music from the 1920’s and I love the way it absorbs mediums. I glued the pieces on with my Golden Matte medium and then went to town spattering and blowing the Magical water colors across it.

Here is the video I posted on YouTube that shows you the step by step: http://youtu.be/WJARewLKnvA

And here is what the unfinished page looks like: 006-1

Now, I say that this is unfinished because I feel that it still needs something. That something might just be some black pen, it might be gesso, stamping, more collage or maybe a paper pieced figure of some sort…I will finish it at some point but for now it will wait for the muse.

Let me know how YOU would finish it in the comments section at the very bottom of this post!

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Angry Girl

October 15th, 2014

This art journal spread is something that I have avoided in the past. There are days in which I get so angry that I don’t have enough pockets in my closet to hide it in. This past weekend I had one of those days. I was so passionately angry that I forced myself to hide away in my craft room so that I would not share my mood with those whom I love most.

About a week ago I had planned that when the bad days visited me I would create “dark” pages in a “dark” book. I would call this journal the “book of darkness”! I even purchased a journal that is exactly the same as my current one, but in a dark grey rather than purple. BUT, in my fit of temper I wasn’t thinking of that. I just grabbed a bunch of stuff and started smashing it onto the page.

I later pulled myself back together, covered the page in light and love and designated it “light” art, rather than “dark”.

I have always avoided expressing myself creatively when I was angry, but through this experience I learned that getting it out of my system is one of the most important things I can do. The stomach ache I carried with me since Saturday night disappeared, the migraine aura I had been trying to ignore just floated away and the bright red colour in my cheeks quickly diminished. My mood lifted and I no longer felt the need to snap at the people who love me most. This weekend taught me that I not only carry my frustrations in my mind, but also in my head, my heart and my body.

I don’t need to do that any more. I feel empowered by freeing my stress into art.

October 14 2014 001

October 14 2014 002

October 14 2014 003







Here is “angry girl” who also has a YouTube video here: http://youtu.be/u9KuEfq5lnk

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