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Welcome back to Lizzie’s Workshop!

I know I have been away for a while but that is only because I was working on becoming more awesome than ever before! I have a slew of posts going up over the next little while and also a whole computer full of videos to edit, so keep those fabulous eyes of your peeled for all the excitement!

To start off this fabulous journey I am going to introduce you to something called a “Mixed Media Kit”.

Then I am going to introduce you to the fabulous design team that I am NOW a part of!

I will tell you all about our spectacular creativity each week.

THEN I will introduce you to “Mini Me”

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The Collector in Me Named “D”

Today was a hard day for me. It started off wonderfully, with snuggles from my children and happy faces and breakfast in bed. But on the way to school my son earned himself a minor injury and the day was set off balance. I forgot some important things, I was clumsy and dropped things on store floors and in parking lots. Then I fell going up a hard commercial staircase. I found it difficult to reason with my son over anything. I was unmotivated, I was glum and I just needed a hug, an extra large coffee and full bottle of wine, even though I am not normally a heavy drinker!

In the evening I tucked my children into bed and heard all about their days, was told that I was loved and my 7 year old informed me that tomorrow would be a better day. My husband left to fulfill commitments outside of the house and I was left in a calm and quiet home…suddenly melancholic.

So what do I do when I feel this way? I grab a glass of wine and go down to my crawl space and sort things!

Tonights box had all kinds of things in it. Paper, card stock, buttons and beads. Crafting objects like doll eyelashes and googly eyes. Pearls, felt and found objects.

I carried the pile of found objects to my craft room, grabbed the jar that I have been collecting them in and added them to my “stash”. Then I held that jar in my hands, slowly turning it to look at all the “treasure” there in.

May 13 2015 001 May 13 2015 002 May 13 2015 003 May 13 2015 004










Truly, to look at it, it is a jar of “nothing”, or “trinkets”, or “garbage”. It is meaningless to most everybody, it is a waste of space. It is a jar of “why?”.

Why keep these things?

Why hold onto meaningless pieces of nothing?

Why fill a jar with them?

To tell the truth, I don’t know why I kept THESE items, why I chose THIS jar, WHY it pulls me back to it on an emotional day.

But here is a theory…

This is a jar of nothings that represent the life of a person who I strongly identify with. I am not going to assume that any of the items in this jar meant anything important to the person who originally collected them, but I AM going to say that she collected them with intent.  I believe that she saw all the possible, and beautiful beginnings that a simple found object could begin. That she had the ability to look at an object and see a use for it that goes above and beyond its intended use.  I strongly believe that she is where I got my mixed media brain from.

As I turn the jar slowly in my hands, the objects within shift to reveal new found objects. I see a whole lot of steam punk and metallic objects. I see mixed media dimension and gelli plate printing textures. I see treasures of days gone by. I see inspirations for many creative tomorrows.

But best of all, is what I see and feel TODAY. I feel love and comfort in knowing that had I had more time with this collector, I would have found a kindred spirit. A person who would have known me and recognized me as a replication of herself. I would have had an instant and strong connection with a person who could sit beside me and and see all the new beginnings that one simple treasure could begin.

Oh how I wish I had held her hand more often, sat and listened to her voice, heard her ideas and learned from her experiences. Made more phone calls. But those days are gone now, the opportunities have fled. All I am left with is a collection of nothing that inspires me everyday to create SOMETHING!


Scrap It Saturday!

Here is my very FIRST post for “Scrap It Saturday”!

For the past year I have been searching for a Canadian and Local scrapbooking kit club. I found a lot of them that ship from the states, and a few of them that ship within Canada but nothing that was so local that I could meet the people and not have to pay a whole lot of shipping.

I did discover that my local scrapbooking store had their own kit AND a monthly scrapping challenge BUT then they closed their store. I recently got notification that they have re-opened in a different location and will at some point go check it out. BUT in the mean time THIS came up!

Sandy Hobbs over at Scrapbooking Fanatics posted on facebook that she is going to make her monthly kits available in her online store. This is pretty awesome because I have purchased some of her kits and really enjoy all the fun she packs into them. Not only does Sandy have an online store, she also has a blog AND she travels! I mean she and her ENTIRE scrapbooking store TRAVEL! I have met up with her at many weekend events and love having my shopping “needs” met without having to leave a crop! I like the products she brings in, I like how friendly and helpful she is and I love how the regulars can just ask for something and she will try her best to deliver!

This month I though I would take the opportunity to show you one of her kits. It is no longer available since it is the kit from November of 2014, but it will give you a good idea of what kind of awesomeness to expect!

Here is my Youtube video: Lizzie’s Workshop Kit Club Intro

Here is the link to her Facebook page: Scrapbooking Fanatics on FB

Here is her blog: Scrapbooking Fanatics Blog

And here is ME saying “Look out for my weekly video and blog post segments called Scrap It Saturday!”

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Be Friendly.

Good Mixed Media Monday!

Today I am sharing another journal entry with you. It is an emotional piece and I have not really done one like this since October of last year.

On that note, it isn’t really an “angry” piece as much as it is a “searching for a acceptance of what is” piece. This entry started off with a whole lot of confusion and uncertainty and helped me get to a place where I could deal with the issues.

It “speaks” of anger and uncertainty with the red paint, then of a lack of communication with this looming black brick wall. I felt that the “writing on the wall” was also fitting for this “conversation”. It reads “we don’t have to be friends to be friendly” over and over again.

I then created the 2 faces of people who are both very colorful and also very different. There are parts of them that are similar but they don’t really share anything at all. Each person is a patchwork of parts, like humans often are, pieced together by our life experiences. Similar parts but assembled and experienced differently.

On the flag pole is a flag holding the definition of friend and friendship from an old dictionary. It reads: to love, one who is attached to another by affection; one who has esteem and regard for another and his society; one not hostile; one of the same nation, paternity or kin; one who looks with favor upon…and on and on it goes, into the definition of friendlike, friendliness, friendly, friendly fire and friendship.

015MMMFriendly (1)


I really like this page as a finished piece and know it will speak to me for a long time.

Thank-you for stopping by, you can see the process video on my YouTube channel with this link:

Lizzie’s Workshop MMM – Friendly

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A Round Tuit

This Mixed Media Monday is based on a piece of nostalgia that found in the amungst the boxes I inherited from my grandmother. It was this ripped and torn circle that was obviously well aged. I wanted to save the actual bit of nostalgia for a heritage album that I have been squirreling away bits and pieces for. I liked the concept of this little scrap of paper so much, though, that I had to dedicate a page to it in my current journal.

This page was created back in the end of January, even though that was just 9 weeks ago I can already see that I have changed my creative style and grown in my product knowledge quite significantly. I am very proud of how far I have come in such a short time and look forward to seeing how I grow over the rest of the year.

With that being said though, this is one of those pieces in which I can see things that could be added, changed or fixed and yet have to be resisted because I have officially signed and dated the piece. It speaks to a moment in my life where I was stalled, not knowing where to take my creativity and feeling discouraged by the whole situation. Finding a little scrap of paper that demanded I “get tuit” seems so very fortuitous!

Here is my journal page.

013MMMTuit 001

This page was all about allowing the “leftovers” from other projects dictate the color and arrangement of all the different elements for this project. I may not have chosen this color scheme otherwise.

For this page I added layers of paper from my scraps bin, gelatos, gesso, black oil pastel, stamping with stazon ink, Mod Podge and a black fine point Pitt Pen.

If you like, you can pop over to see the process video on my YouTube channel, here is the link:

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Mixed Media Monday – Un-Amazing

Welcome to my version of Mixed Media Monday!

Today I am bringing you a playful page. I made it on a day where I wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular but still wanted to create something. The best way to do that is to just start and see where your art takes you!

So on this particular day I started by grabbing supplies that I had not used before. I was “shopping my stash” when I realized I was collecting a stack of things that would add texture and dimension. So okay then, my muse was demanding a “fat” page rather than a “flat” one. This was perfectly fine with me…except that I could only find my moleskine journal, which I generally try to fill with “flat” pages due to it having a solidly bound spine. I ended up giving in to her though, after all, she only wanted to play.

I instantly fell in love with the textures on the page. A layer of gesso, some strips of mesh drywall tape, some modelling paste put through a stencil or two. Layers of acrylic paint added to the page with a baby wipe. Some fine details, stamping, doodling and finally, a blurb of words.

“Some days just aren’t amazing”

013MMMUnamazing (1)

Some days are just days that we tick off on a calendar without much remark. But those days are still a part of us, a part of who we are and who we will be.  Having an “un-amazing” day was not a bad thing. It was relaxing and fun to just hang out with my muse, without expectations or objectives.

My picture is blurry, but you can find the process video on my YouTube channel, here is the link:


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Spark Some Creativity #1

Hello my crafty friends!

This week was the first week of launching the Design Team for the Kraaft Shaak. Not only does Heather Kraafter have a web page with lots of awesome things going on, she has also provided us with an amazingly warm and comfortable G+ community for sharing our arts and crafts, our stories and our friendship.

If you are crafty or creative at all, it is definitely worth it for you to check it all out. I will even provide you with some links!

Here is where the design team will post each week, the segment is called “Spark Some Creativity” and will have a design team member posting to it each Saturday!

Here is more info about the current and up coming design team.

Here is a link to the first ever posted design team project.

And last but not least, a link to Kraafters Kommunity!

As always, thank-you for stopping by!



Fast Frames Friday – All In The Details

Welcome to this weeks Fast Frames Friday!

This week I am showing you what a difference it makes to put in those added little details that often come in black and white.

This journal page was one of those ones where you look at the things around you and just use what ever you can reach to create something. For me this was a pretty intuitive piece and I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. Just grabbed things and glued them down with matte gel medium.

I started off with ripping up scraps of red tissue paper that had been covered with gesso in one of the classes I teach. It was left behind by one of my students. The next layer was the ripped green strips of mask I was using for a journal page I made that morning.

I have been holding on to the baby wipes that have been used for paint or ink clean-up. Once they were saturated with color I would hang them up to dry. I wasn’t sure how or when I would use them but thought I would see how they turned out. So I grabbed a couple of those, cut them up and added them to the page as well.

My next layer was some clippings from a dictionary page that was laying around, glued them on and I was “done”.

019 (1)


I say that this page is done because this is a place that many of my students will stop and tell me “I’m all done”. I often say to them “do you like it?” and the response is most frequently “I think so”.

Technically there is nothing wrong with this page. It has a bunch of colors that work well together, it is mixed media and it is also collage. BUT it is missing something that is quite key to the completion of a piece.

It is missing all the details! It is missing emphasis on shapes, it is missing the elements that satisfy your eye. The parts that keep your eye on the page for more than a blink.

My very quick YouTube video will show you the details I added to this page in a step by step process.

But here is the page now that I have made it finished to “my” eye.

019 (2)

Most of the time, when I hand my students a black and a white, they will go to town adding all kinds of details to their pages. When they say “I am all done” and I ask “do you like it” I often get “I liked it before, now it LOVE it!” Keep in mind that the level of details added is up to the artist. But in a way the finial details step is almost the most important. It adds emphasis, depth and visual interest to the piece.

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Soar With Confidence

Welcome to this issue of Un-Finished Thursday!

Today I am showing you a page I created in my large canson, mixed media art journal.

I started this page during a mixed media class that I was teaching. I often do the project along side of the class for demonstration purposes. For this class I ended up having 2 start dates. So I created this collage and stencil on day one in my journal, and another one about sunshine on day 2, on a stretched canvas. For the second working day of the class I managed to get both groups together. This allowed me to finish my birds on my own time.

We first layered napkins, tissue paper and old book pages onto the page as a background. We then created stencils and drew our shapes out onto our projects with pencil. The rest of the page, outside of the shape was painted white with gesso.

That is where I begin my Un-Finished Thursday. I took this project that I just adored, right from the start, and finished it on camera for your viewing pleasure!

Here is the link for the process video:

I have to admit to loving this collage so much that I have often used the same supplies to create more of it. Only problem is that I am running out of this napkin and will have to go hunting for it in my local shops very soon!

So once I added in some stamping, water color crayon, stabilo pencil, Pitt artist pen, washi tape and quotes, I felt it was finished!

Here is “Soar With Confidence”

014 UFT Sore (1)

The quotes read:

At first glance it may appear too hard, look again, always look again!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.

I left all of my quotes as unknown because had found them on Pinterest and they didn’t have the authors names attached.

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Taggy Tuesday – Coffee Time!

Welcome to this weeks Taggy Tuesday!

I started this weeks tag off with repeating a process that I recently used in creating a journal spread. I love the process of cutting up the papers into little squares and gluing them in sequence. I wasn’t sure that all the papers would work well together but knew it was worth a try.

I am actually making this tag for me! I have just been loving all the gelli print play I have been having, I adore sewing and I need a new book mark. So the idea behind this was for it to be FLAT rather than FAT, but to still have texture and a focal point that spoke to me.

So, I went digging through my gelli pages that I had started to chop up for my journal entry and chose a pile of the scraps. I wasn’t looking for any kind of cohesion in the colours at this point, just that there would be enough of each pattern to work with the sequence I had in mind.

Next thing I did was glue them down with matte gel medium and let it dry over night. I then grabbed a punching template and my “stabby thing” (official term: piercing tool) and went to town creating the holes for my cross stitch pattern. I chose some embroidery thread that didn’t match any of the colours in the gelli prints but was part of the same families and started cross stitching every square onto the tag. I really loved the quilted look I finished with and thought I could just leave it like that…but then it would not have been very entertaining for my crafty friends!

Once I finished all the sewing I went looking for some sort of element that would make me happy every time I opened the book I was reading. I looked around my craft table and sitting across from me was a canvas board that one of my students had been working on. She had drawn a giant cappuccino mug and saucer right in the center of the board and I KNEW my bookmark had to have the topic of “Coffee Time”.

016TTCoffee (1)

Please grab yourself a cup-a-Joe and join me on YouTube for the play-by-play of “Coffee Time”!

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