KIT With the Kommunity.

September 19th, 2014

Last night I joined in with the impromptu “Kraaft it Together” group from the G+ community called Kraafter Kommunity. Met a bunch of the ladies live, chatted, shared and generally just enjoyed being surrounded by other lovely creative ladies. I will definitely be trying to get together with them again soon!

While talking with them I finished the black and white tangled inspiration that I had started a couple of days ago.

September 19 2014 002

And also fussy cut some beautiful dolls out of magazines for my next art journal piece. I have been working on it all morning and will try to get the video uploaded tonight as I am sure many people are eagerly awaiting a view of what I would do with the dollies.

The above tangle inspired piece has a lot of very fine detail in it and I think that if I were to use my copics, it would just lose a bunch of the detail. I don’t think I will be happy with the outcome. So I have decide to use my prisma color pencil crayons for it.


WOYWW 1 (276)

September 17th, 2014

What’s On Your Work-desk?  Wednesday.

So, I have been pondering how to differentiate things I put in my blogging and crafting headers versus what to put in my posts that run on my home page. I have tried doubling up between posts and pages but that is just plain tedious! SOOOO…I finally found it and all thanks to Sheri at: 

The link above is her post in a weekly “challenge” put on by Julia at: Stamping Ground. You can find it at:

So without further ado…

What’s On Your Work-desk? Wednesday.

The most used part of my workshop at the moment is my computer. I have been working really hard on trying to put myself out there with networking, trying to find little niches of the internet where I can feel at home. Just yesterday I created my own community on G+ because I am finding that I would like human beings I can see and interact with. The community I started is for people living in Alberta Canada and I am hoping that it will grow to the point that I will be able to say “I am thinking of having a craft night tonight, anyone interested?” and that I will end up with a few fun, crafty, creatives at my door for tea/coffee/wine every once in a while and that in creating the community, others will also be able to enjoy that kind of building of connections. I am also hoping it will help to promote local businesses and their events/classes by letting people know the where and when things are happening. I called it “Alberta Crafting Community”

Next on my work bench is my mixed media journal, it is open to a page called “Hair” inspired by my daughters golden locks. I stare at it every now and then, knowing it is incomplete but feeling as though I cannot continue until I am next “moved” to do so.

To the upper left of the picture you can see my job board. It is full, but I will tell you more about that on Monday.

That colorful thing in the middle of my workspace is my zentangle inspired notebook. I fill the pages with patterns and then I color them when I draw a good one. I will share this one with you soon!

The last thing to take note of today is the tripod! Yes, this is where I craft and record all my messy messes for your viewing pleasure! You can find all my amazing videos at: 

Look for this episode again next Wednesday and make sure you pop over to Stamping Ground. Even if you don’t wish to participate, you can check out over 80 other bloggers WOYWW!


Sept2014 17 003


September 15th, 2014

So today I got tagged in the blog hop for the G+ Kraafters Kommunity!

I am actually pretty excited, but I have 2 little problems!

1, I don’t have as much content as I would have liked up on my web page yet

2, I haven’t figured out how all the little things work yet

and 3, I have no blogger friends!

So now I must go out into the world and try to find a friend to tag NEXT MONDAY!!!!

Wish me luck! and look out for my blog hop post on Monday, September the 22nd!


Scrapping Roma

September 14, 2014

Here is a scrappy page about the beginning of the trip I took to Italy with my husband in 2012.

We started off in Rome by meeting a tour group for an 8 day view of Italy and its greatest cities. We both really loved the trip and this page talks about our first impressions! The hotel we stayed at was quite lovely, the view from the window was something we weren’t used to and the pamphlet for the hotel was much more elegant and better lit than the actual experience of it. But it was a fabulous place to start!

June 20 something 2014 011


To scrapbook this page I used a combination of solid colored papers over a formal looking striped background. I think the paper is all just regular card stock from my local craft store. For the title I traced with a letter stencil, cut the letters out with a scalpel and then embossed them in a patterned folder with my big shot press. Then I hand punched the swirls and sewed in some thread just to add a little bit of detail to it all.

In addition to this generations “normal” scrapbooking supplies I also included “traditional” scrapbooking supplies such as brochures, bottle labels, room cards, tickets and the bill.




September 11, 2014

I made a zentangle a couple months ago while I was watching tv one night. It turned out fabulously!  I had just been sitting there with my husband and tangling away without a whole lot of conscious thought going into it. By the time the page was full and my pen stopped moving I was quite surprised with what I had come up with. Both my hubby and I looked at it for a while, turning it this way and that and deciding that we really liked it! We really liked it from every angle!

July 2014 001 (2)

So the next day I decided to color it. I took out my copic markers, put a movie on for the kids and went to work on it. When the coloring was done I left it on the counter for a few days and every time anyone walked past it they would stop and stare at it for a moment. The number of times I saw someone stop and smile at it was really phenomenal! It made my day to see those smiles.

July 2014 005 (2)

So it just goes hand in hand with success that you would try to do it again! So since this “masterpiece” I have been trying and trying to make another one. It just isn’t working out and so I have searched for the reason why. All I can figure is that when I drew this I was totally relaxed and not really paying attention to how I was moving my pen. So the key to my success in zentangle is to find the “zen” and tangle it!


My “Comfort Zone”

September 11, 2014

So last night I texted a friend with the message “I am going to Micheals to ponder life, wanna join?” and she said yes! So we went to Micheals to ponder life. Now, you may be asking how I can actually do such a thing in a craft store and here is how!

When you walk though a craft store aisle by aisle you end up forming opinions on everything you see, BECAUSE everything in a craft store is a VISUAL experience. Even if you don’t think you are forming opinions you actually ARE. You subconsciously vote yeah/nah on everything you see. And that, my friends is how you end up walking out with WAY more than you initially wanted to!

I learned last night that I am comfortable with color, color I can control! We were looking at a package of pencil crayons where the pigment was random and multicolored. While I thought it would be a lot of fun to use them I just couldn’t cope with the idea that I would be coloring with one color and then it would just randomly change to another. I KNEW that I would be constantly looking at the tip of the pencil and rotating it to the color I wanted and it would just be this vicious circle of trying to control it and simply not succeeding! So I have officially found something that would be out of my comfort zone. NO, I did NOT buy them in order to challenge myself! Why? because it was bad enough that I had nightmares about those pencils, I really didn’t need them in my house to taunt me with their randomness! “Come on man, just try to control me! I DARE you!!”

After getting home from my life pondering adventure I continued to think on the subject of color. I decided that I KNOW I am comfortable using lots of saturating color that I can control. But if I look at my projects closely, can I find multi-colored papers? NO! The majority of my projects start out with the use of SOLIDS that I can control, PASTELS and NEUTRALS that I can control by adding more color or pattern over top of, or WHITE card stock that I can make into anything I like!

So okay, I like color but have my constraints with it, now that I know this I can address it and maybe, someday, perhaps, challenge that “wall” and take it down…but not today my friend!

After pondering color I next started to ponder black and white. Am I comfortable with black? Yes, but I typically use it as a support or grounding to the plethora of color I like to use. I like it as a statement tone, as a way of making things pop. I don’t think I have ever used it as a basis for a piece. Once again, I like that I can control it. At the same time, black feels very constricting, I can’t make it do everything that is in my minds eye.

White, on the other hand, is my very bestest friend in the whole wide world! Why? Because I can take it anywhere! Because it is so open and free and full of potential that I can’t get enough of it! With white I can add color, design, shape, background, pop…and on and on. I can even make it black! There are no constrictions with white, it is a color full of freedom and magic!

So it just goes to show, we all have our comfort zones, even if we don’t think we do. It might just take a walk in the craft store to find them!


Here I am!

So I am trying to do a lot of things all at once and while I feel like I am getting a lot done I will need some patience on the part of my visitors.

I would say that this web site is officially up and running but I know that I still have a tonne of media and information to add to it.

I am so SUPER excited to be building this site!

Also, I am discovering that I will have to learn a whole lot more in order to make this site work the way I want it to. I have no clue in how to manage my widgets, make my images the right size or what buttons to click to make things go where I told them to! So bear with me on those things, I am sure I will get it some day soon! lol

I am looking forward to setting up a place where I can show you who I am reading and YouTubing with as well…in time. For now I am grabbing the hours that my kids are in school and sucking all the precious minutes out of them in order to get all my pages set and ready for the love I hope they will soon receive.


The Plan!

Step 1: Create a cache of videos for YouTube. Then continue to create with consistency and post 2-4 videos each week.

Step 2: Increase viewership and number of subscribers to at least 1000 by Christmas of 2014.

Step 3: Learn the ins and outs of managing my own website. Make it work for me in a portfolio, sales and support format.

Step 4: Create courses for learning the “how to” methods to my madness. Offer them as part of a membership package on

Step 5: Enjoy my productivity so much that I make something of this creative process and NOT go back to work in September of 2015!

So there it is. My ultimate goal is to NOT go back to work in industry next September. I also know that I can learn anything I set my mind to, that I love to help others find the creative freedom that is within each of us AND I have a MEGA stash of product to use up and this is a great way to do it!

So lets go! I am going to create tags, cards, canvases, art journal pages and other paper projects. Come along on my journey and get inspired to create something of your own,

Wish me luck!